The Adirondack Initiative for Wired Work


The Adirondack Initiative for Wired Work hosted by Clarkson University represents a group of energized regional leaders and working professionals committed to responsible and sustainable economic growth in the Adirondack North Country Region of New York State.

Our vision is to advance creative work and lifestyle choices by promoting technology and services that encourage commerce and entrepreneurship with negligible impact on the natural environment.  While advancing economic opportunities, we want to preserve the unique character of the communities that share the Adirondack Park with wildlife and recreation enthusiasts alike.

By 2019, our goal is to add 2019 corporate telecommuters, mobile workers, and working wired entrepreneurs to the region in support of green tech commerce and new economic opportunities that will grow the base of regional residents that sustain vital services for year-round residents and visitors to the region.

Since the start of the Adirondack Initiative, there has been over a 1000% job increase in and around the Adirondack Park. Broadband advocacy and the assistance of state and federal funding have significantly increased opportunities for telecommuters, visitors, and lifelong residents of the park.    


  • Conference: We are sponsoring Forever Wired, an Annual Conference dedicated to advancing issues surrounding life and wired work in the Adirondack North Country Region.
  • Outreach: Visit our social networking communities at,  LinkedIn, and Facebook; see our ads in Adirondack Life and regional press; or call us at 315-268-4483 or email to be connected to a SWAT team to help launch your ideas for wired work.

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