Jim Mandle

Jim Mandle has a lifelong love of the Adirondacks. For some 22 years he lived and worked in New Jersey, founding and operating a media communications and design firm. He always found time to vacation in the Adirondacks. 8 years ago he moved permanently to Lake Luzerne in the Adirondack Park, a place where his family “has had summer homes for five generations” says Mr. Mandle. As a wired and mobile entrepreneur, he has been able to continue working at his firm and now has started giving back to the area he loves.

Mr. Mandle started the Adirondack Folk School “to help revitalize the historic downtown of Lake Luzerne.” The School follows folk school tradition and offers adult learning for the sheer joy of learning. The Adirondack Folk School was started to support local establishments, and not to compete with them which Mr. Mandle believes they’ve accomplished by having students stay in local Bed & Breakfasts, eating at local restaurants and generally promoting local attractions. The Adirondack Folk School currently offers 60 summer classes taught by over 25 instructors.

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