How important, if in locations throughout the park, "business centers" were established?

Business centers could offer working space, meeting rooms, telecommuting equipment, optional networking events and entrepreneurial assistance.

Though only 10% of the sample felt that specific Business Centers were critically important as a consideration in moving to the Park, and additional 33% felt that such Centers would be somewhat important. Nearly 1 of 3 respondents indicated that there was a 20 to 75%+ probability that they would utilize a Business Center.

Those who were employed full time appear to more likely to feel that Business Centers are “Critically Important,” compared to those self-employed.

Open ended responses: Comments in general were positive. It was noted that this was a “wonderful concept,” though it could be offered through local libraries and/or colleges. The ability to network was identified as an important benefit, including those who are local business owners.

Example Comments: (Great idea {several}; see networking aspect as important; do not know enough to comment; useful for business owners already in the Park; depends on what Center offers; hotels & colleges already serve this need; faster broadband required; prefer working at home.