Observations & Implications

Based on this study the following three critical factors have been elaborated on:

  • Telecommuters – Is this an opportunity for the Adirondacks?
  • What reasons do people give for not living in the Park – are any of these “controllable?”
  • Would Business Centers make a difference?

Thirty One percent (31%) of those that work full time stated that they were interested and needed to pursue their telecommuting options. An additional 10% indicated that their current technologies were not established.

Based on this survey over 35% of respondents already telecommute between 1 or 2 days per week, including 11% who are full time telecommuters. An additional 1 in 5 respondents noted that their telecommuting experience was sporadic and never consistent from week to week. These same telecommuters appear to support or have interest in the opportunities afforded by a Business Center. Specifically, indicating that the probability of utilizing such a center would range from 50% to over 75%.

Among those who are currently employed, three main reasons were given for not pursuing telecommuting options:

  • Lack of opportunity with employers
  • Need for social contact with other employees
  • Lack of awareness or opportunities with prospective employers
  • Lack of business support

There were no significant differences between gender, or education. Those that are employed full time are more likely to need social contact when compared to those self-employed.

In addition, those who are self-employed feel that there is a greater likelihood that their work time can be effectively accomplished from a remote location than those who are employed full time.

Dependent upon current residency our sample respondents identified some similarities and differences in their reasons for not continuing their careers or lifestyle status in the Park.

Seasonal Residents identified in order:
  • Concerns about dual careers for spouse/partner
  • Perceived lack of business support
  • Questions about health care delivery

Those who do not own/rent in the Park, live in New York State, but outside the Park
  • Concerns about dual careers for spouse/partner
  • Extent of social and cultural activities
  • Home prices and availability

Those who do not own/rent in the Park, and live outside of New York State
  • Travel distance to major cities
  • Dual career for spouse/partner
  • Weather

There are no significant differences between those that are self-employed, employed full time or employed part time in terms of utilization of a Business Center. On average, over 1 in 4 respondents indicated that the chances of using a Center would range from 20%+ to greater than 75% probability. For those individuals who wish to explore telecommuting options, or where telework is not an option, clearly 29% noted that the probability of using a Business Center would range from 21% to greater than 75% if they were available.

IMPLICATIONS: Conceivably the specific needs of those self-employed, employed, retirees, and job seekers would vary and thereby have ramifications of site location, and offerings. A significant number of respondents (21%) were unsure if or how much time they might spend using such services. As noted, this uncertainly could be interpreted as (a) confusion over the capabilities of site services, (b) questions over exact location or access of Business Centers, (c) and potential fees charged, etc.

Of the 32% of our total sample who felt that a minimum of 55% of their time could be spent in telecommuting, these same individuals already spend a notable portion of their time living or visiting the Park (up to 3 months).

As noted, over 28% of the total sample indicated that they would use the services found in a Business Center (21% - 75% probability).

Full time residents of the Park expressed the most interest (40% of this sub-sample indicated that there was a strong probability of utilizing a Business Center (21%-75+). This is followed by those living in New York State, but do not own or rent in the Park (29%).

In comparison, those living out of state, who do not own or rent implied similar use of a Business Center (26%). Seasonal residents (22%) were noted as the least likely to utilize a Center. An additional 11% of the total sample was unsure.

For those who already telecommute (20% of total sample), nearly 30% of those individuals indicated that they would use a Business Center (20% to 75% probability). There is also a tendency to see an increase in probability of using a Business Center, with the amount of time one spends in the Adirondack Park. Specifically, by those individuals who are in the Park greater than 3 months and by those staying between 1 and 4 weeks.

IMPICATIONS: Potentially a significant market for the Business Center usage may be the traveler – those living in another State, but who vacation in the Adirondacks. When asked to describe their residency, those that lived in another State appeared to be equally receptive in terms of utilizing Business Centers.