Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is involved in the Adirondack Initiative for Wired Work and why does it exsist?
The Adirondack Initiative for Wired Work hosted by Clarkson University represents a group of energized regional leaders and working professionals committed to responsible and sustainable economic growth in the Adirondack North Country Region of New York State. As the number of second and third family homes approaches 50 percent of all residential properties in the Adirondack Park and limits occupancy, basic services for year
round residents as well as tourists are impacted.

What is the vision of the Adirondack Initiative for Wired Work?
Our vision is to advance creative work and lifestyle choices by promoting technology and services that encourage corporate telecommuting, mobile work, green tech commerce and entrepreneurship from home offices with negligible
impact on the natural environment. While advancing economic opportunities, we want to preserve the unique character of the communities that share the Adirondack Park with wildlife and recreation enthusiasts alike..

What is the goal of the Adirondack Initiative for wired work?
By 2019, our goal is to add 2019 corporate telecommuters, mobile workers, and working wired entrepreneurs to the region in support of green tech commerce and new economic opportunities that will grow the base of regional residents that sustain vital services for year-round residents and visitors to the region.

What are the current activities being utilized to facilitate the Initiative?
Survey: We are sponsoring a Forever Wired Survey to understand the needs of corporate telecommuters, entrepreneurs and mobile professionals interested in “Working Wired” in the Park.

Business Centers: We are establishing business centers in strategic locations throughout the Park that will add convenience and economies of scale to home offices, peer to peer social networking, and educational opportunities. Vacationers and seasonal residents telecommuting back to their offices are welcome.

Conference: We are sponsoring Forever Wired, an Annual Conference dedicated to advancing issues surrounding life and wired work in the Adirondack North Country Region. This will be Tuesday, September 8, 2009 from noon to 5pm.

Outreach: General marketing campaign and launch of social networking communities. Visit, and search “Adirondack Initiative” at LinkedIn and Facebook.

Education: Call Jessica Kelly, Deputy Director of the Shipley Center for Innovation at Clarkson University, at 315-268-7961 to learn more about small business classes and to be connected to a SWAT team to help launch your
ideas for wired work.

How do I get on a media distribution list for announcements and news releases?
Please send an email with your contact information and news site to Michael Griffin,

Can i set up an information booth at the Forever Wired conference?
We will be offering an 8 foot draped table for any partners who want to share materials with other attendees. Please note your interest when registering for the conference online or contact us directly at

I can not attend the Forever Wired Conference, will the information be available online?
The 2009 Forever Wired Conference is archived and available for viewing in the video archives.

What kind of companies offer telework opportunities?
Telework opportunities are not limited to a single industry. More and more companies are accommodating their employees interested in telecommuting. One example is call-center services such as Alpine Access which often offers the ability to telework.