Business & Telecommuter Showcase

Kathryn R.
Kathryn R. and her husband, William, share a deep commitment to the Adirondacks and enjoy the harmony among wildlife, recreation and close-knit rural communities. To help rural neighbors become familiar with computers, Kathryn and William began a non-profit corporation seven years ago that took in used computers, fixed them, trained users, and distributed them. Kathryn and William also educated others on the use of the Internet at that time.Read More...

Jim Mandle
Jim Mandle has a lifelong love of the Adirondacks. For some 22 years he lived and worked in New Jersey, founding and operating a media communications and design firm. He always found time to vacation in the Adirondacks. 8 years ago he moved permanently to Lake Luzerne in the Adirondack Park, a place where his family “has had summer homes for five generations” says Mr. Mandle. Read More...

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