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The Adirondack Semester

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Live a semester as a resident explorer, entrepreneur, environmental scientist, poet and policy advocate of the Adirondack Park, one of the largest protected landscapes in North America. Become absorbed and committed, and think bigger and work harder than you ever have to create intelligent solutions in a six-million acre laboratory for wildlife, small town communities, and recreation enthusiasts alike.

Spring 2017 Integrated Research Project Presentation: 

Big Data and the Adirondacks

Dr. Jeanna Matthews, Dr. Annegret Staiger  and  Clarkson University’s Adirondack Semester students explore the roll of Big Data in the Adirondacks. They will survey current large scale data collection projects in the Adirondacks and report on their own experiences collecting data of different kinds from ethnographic studies to business data to water quality monitoring. They reflect on the Big Data’s potential for good (e.g. providing facts that influence important policy decisions) and for ill (e.g. surveillance of individuals that is difficult to escape even in a place known for being forever wild). They consider the potential for future Adirondack Semester students to contribute to a long-term data collection project.

-Wednesday, May 3, 2017

-Moore House 1009A, 2:00 - 3:00 pm

The story of the Adirondack Semester

Moose track

"If I had known that Clarkson University had the Adirondack Semester, it would have made choosing to come here a no-brainer"- Brittany Rodriguez, Clarkson ‘13

Boreas Pond

"Adirondack Regional Economic Development taught me how to approach economic development with a sense of environmental protection and sustainability"  – Tiyi Brewster- Clarkson ‘13

Lake Placid from the Air

"In A Sense of Place we took a ride in 6 passenger plane to view the Rails- to-Trails project we would be working on all semester long,  it set the stage for the entire semester" – Charlie Sliger, Clarkson ‘15

View our Adirondack Photo Gallery, a showcase of students exploring all the Adirondacks have to offer.