Innovation Through Partnerships

Five years ago, we established academic excellence as our foremost objective and the basis for building Clarkson University’s national reputation and future.
The cover mosaic and accompanying stories in the President’s Report edition of
Clarkson magazine chronicle our commitment to become innovative leaders in our chosen curricula, our manner of educating students and in select research endeavors.

Throughout our pursuits to assemble the highest-caliber faculty and attract ambitious students, we have continued to honor the enduring legacy of our namesake Thomas S. Clarkson. We do this by fostering an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit across all that we do, making wise investments in people and creative partnerships while always maintaining a deep concern for humanity.

Our financial position is especially solid today because of the deliberate strategic decisions we have made and because of the enthusiasm and commitment we gratefully acknowledge from those who believe in the difference Clarkson can make in the world. 

While the collective return on our efforts is reflected in the achievement of new benchmarks for contract research awards, applications for admission, employer recruiting at career fairs, and alumni participation in the life of the University, the stories shared here reflect the true measure of success — adding value to society.

As we move forward in the unfamiliar waters of a fragile global economy, we are actively encouraging a broader University engagement through local, regional/state, national and global partnerships that strengthen our academic excellence and demonstrate visible action towards addressing the complex world challenges that Clarkson and its community of talented people are uniquely poised to lead. 

We welcome all who wish to partner, innovate and engage with us to create this better future.

Tony Collins

Awards and Honors