2009 President's Report

High-Tech Materials and Monitoring Systems
CAMP engineers and scientists tackle the toughest challenges facing the global community today in fields such as advanced materials, nanotechnology, biomaterials and sensors, engineering, medicine and the environment.


Green Building Blocks A Concrete Impact
Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering Narayanan Neithalath uses his expertise in cement-based materials to make Clarkson's new Student Center more economical, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Clearing the Air
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering Andrea Ferro uncovers the truth about the pollution inside our buildings and works towards improving human health by improving air quality.

entrepreneurship_index The Entrepreneurship Center
Drawing from faculty and staff expertise in entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneurship Center focuses on improving the local economy and small businesses while giving students opportunities to gain real world experience.
index_cyber_sec CyberSecurity
Even though cyber security systems are becoming tougher to crack, Chair of Mathematics & Computer Science Christopher Lynch is developing software programs to test cyber security systems for flaws before they become operational.