As part of the annual rite of passage on campuses,

university presidents, including myself, will soon look out across the commencement stage to address the graduates of the Class of 2011. The economic and world outlook is very different for them than it was when they entered as freshmen. Residual from the financial crisis that rocked the nation three years ago and current political changes around the world will demand they engage some of the same challenges we each face in our careers and in the world affairs we are compelled to address: generation of real wealth, energy costs, fair compensation, health care services, an uncertainty in the business climate and global pluralism. 

Clarkson’s newest graduates will be ready to engage our global community and lead solutions to the challenges of “what’s next” when they get their diplomas.

Our values, mission and vision define who Clarksonians are and they endure through social and industrial change that can be bewildering in its rapidity. The 2010 President’s Report is dedicated to vibrant examples of how Clarksonians defy convention by mobilizing their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to bring discovery, engineering innovation and enterprise together to create new wealth for society.

Throughout their lives, our graduates carry with them Clarkson’s values, mission and vision. While every new graduate must be prepared to continuously adapt his or her technical sophistication and leadership acumen to expand new knowledge, these bedrock values sustain their momentum, as they have for the generations of alumni before them. These markers are magnified by the perpetual confidence of an alumni and global corporate network that buoys the professional and personal success of each graduate and continuously provides leadership opportunities to solve the world’s pressing issues.  

Enduring values inspire each of us associated with Clarkson to defy convention and shape our response to unprecedented change. 

Tony Collins