The strength of the American higher education system

comes from its diversity and broad range of institutional missions for students to pursue individual aspirations. 

Clarkson University attracts ambitious and enterprising people who bring their entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic problem-solving skills to complex technological, scientific and business challenges. As evidenced by the stories shared throughout this issue of the President’s Report, we tackle open-ended problems that impact our global community, our nation, our state and our region where we learn, live and work together. Clarksonians are  people called to action by our shared mission.

Clarkson achieves its mission to prepare graduates for remarkably successful careers because our faculty believes research and teaching are equally important, and that the academic enterprise must span conventional boundaries to create better solutions. Placing students at the center of our research and instruction is not an antithetical exercise, but a deliberate choice. Beyond the stories that chronicle breakthroughs in research and professional achievement, we track the rewards that come from our roll-up the sleeves, hands-on approach to student learning. Our alumni follow their call to action at more than 15,000 companies every day. The mid-career salaries of our alumni are in the top 5% nationwide. One in five alumni is already a CEO or senior executive. 

At a time when the value of higher education is under scrutiny, Clarkson is proud to be measured on the execution of its mission — knowledge generation leading to action that advances the human condition and global marketplace in powerful ways. Clarkson has heard and answered the call to action. 

Tony Collins

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