Medical Applications of Colloids

Edited by Egon Matijevic' 


This volume deals with various colloid and surface phenomena related to medical and biomedical uses, especially in diagnostics including topics on the use of colloids in the analysis of blood, and of XPS of biosystems and biomaterials. The effects of uniform particles in drug formulations and release, and in the evaluation of particle transport and deposition in human airway (such as the lung) are also covered.

Food and the Mid-Level Farm

Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle
Edited by Thomas A. Lyson, G.W. Stevenson and Rick Welsh
MIT Press


Agriculture in the United States increasingly operates in two separate spheres: large, corporate-connected commodity production and distribution systems and small-scale farms that market directly to consumers. As a result, midsize family-operated farms find it increasingly difficult to locate and reach markets for their products. This also has an adverse affect on the rural communities due to weakened municipal tax bases, job loss and population flight.

In a series of essays, activists, practitioners and scholars from a variety of disciplines examine the crisis of the midsize farm and offer strategies for reviving an "agriculture of the middle." These include making changes in food supply chains and in organizational structures, and promoting public policies that support midsize farming. Associate Professor of Sociology Rick Welsh is co-editor.

Images of America: The 1939-1940 New York World's Fair

By Bill Cotter '73
Arcadia Publishing

images_americaAfter enduring 10 harrowing years of the Great Depression, visitors to the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair found welcome relief in the fair's optimistic presentation of the "World of Tomorrow." Pavilions from America's largest corporations and dozens of countries were spread across a 1,216-acre site, showcasing the latest industrial marvels and predictions for the future intermingled with cultural displays from around the world. Includes 219 vintage photographs, most never published before.
Bill Cotter '73 has been an avid scholar and fan of world's fairs since his first visit to the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. His collection of vintage photographs has been featured in numerous books, including three previous titles for Arcadia Publishing, as well as in magazine articles, documentaries and Web sites.

Petey and the Mean Pirates

Written by Donna Mirsky Bennett '90
Illustrated by J.C. Mull
Three Chiquitas Publishing

peteyEveryone knows that swashbuckling pirates are rough and tough. Then why is a nice boy like Petey living aboard a ship full of mean pirates?

In this delightful book for children,  Donna Mirsky Bennett '90 shows how a young boy can turn the hearts and minds of a boatload of pirates - and a few hungry sharks - with a few kind words. Full color illustrations throughout.