Boundary Value Problems and Partial Differential Equations

Sixth Edition
Written by David L. Powers
Academic Press


Boundary Value Problems is the leading text on boundary value problems and Fourier series for professionals and students in engineering, science and mathematics who work with partial differential equations.

In this updated edition, authorDavid Powers provides a thorough overview of solving boundary value problems involving partial differential equations by the methods of separation of variables. Additional techniques used include Laplace transform and numerical methods.


Patient Care Skills

Sixth Edition
Written by Mary Alice Duesterhaus Minor and Scott Duesterhaus Minor
Pearson Health Science

Patient Care Skills is an essential professional reference for health care professionals and for anyone training to enter the world of health care. Comprehensive coverage provides all the information professionals need to perform skills related to patient positioning and transfer, vital signs, aseptic techniques and more. Full-color photographs throughout depict procedures and facilitate understanding.

Vancouver's Expo 1986

Written by Bill Cotter '73
Arcadia Publishing

The largest event ever held in British Columbia, Vancouver's Expo of 1986 was timed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Vancouver. It was the last world's fair held in North America. In a new book by world's fair historian Bill Cotter '73 (ECE), vintage photographs recapture the fun, excitement and grandeur of the expo that attracted over 22 million people.

It Was a Privilege to Care for Her

Written by Keith A. Klafehn '61, '68
Trafford Publishing

In 2003, retired university professor Keith Klafehn's wife of 44+ years died from breast cancer. In this book, Klafehn chronicles her life from the time she was diagnosed to the day she died. Through flashbacks and reminiscences, readers come to know Muriel Klafehn and the close and strong and abiding relationship she shared with her husband. Part loving tribute, part chronicle of an illness and the possibilities - and limitations - of modern medicine, readers will be moved by a husband's powerful tribute to his late wife.

Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs, Sixth Edition

Peter A Takes '79, Ph.D., RAC & Peggy Berry, Editors-in-Chief
Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society

Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs, Sixth Edition, is written as the primary U.S. regulatory textbook of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS), providing an excellent reference tool for those individuals new to U.S. Regulatory Affairs, preparing for the U.S. Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) exam, or looking for supplementing one's background on the fundamentals in your field. This essential text provides a comprehensive understanding of established regulatory requirements across the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, veterinary medicine, food, cosmetics, etc., for the U.S. It includes comprehensive reviews of Good Laboratory Practices, Good Clinical Practices, patient privacy regulations, and healthcare fraud and abuse compliance.

Peter Takes '79 (biology) has over 30 scientific and regulatory publications, and is currently senior director of Clinical & Healthcare Compliance and Clinical Compliance Officer for Stereotaxis Inc., a minimally invasive robotic surgery company in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Spontaneous Nature of Leadership Emergence: A Humanitarian Phenomenon Ignited by Sudden and Unexpected Change

Written by Linda M. Moerschell '03 (MBA)
VDM Verlag Publishing

The true test of a leader is how he or she behaves during a crisis - or so the adage goes. In this new book, SUNY Potsdam instructor Linda Moerschell addresses this idea and explores whether leadership emergence can be observed in sudden change conditions and what characteristics can identify leadership emergence in real time.

Through an analysis of interviews and other qualitative methods, Moerschell found that leadership was a spontaneous and humanitarian phenomenon that integrates compassion, creativity and courage at various points on the event perspective continuum.

Deadly Dairy Deception

Written by Robert D. Bibb '70

In this book, Robert D. Bibb, M.D., a physician specializing in dermatology,provides evidence for a link between an increase in prostate cancer and dairy consumption. Bibb turns to the developing field of epigenics, which looks at the affect of non-genetic factors on DNA, to make his case.

Bibb received a B.S. in chemical engineering from Clarkson, an M.S. in bio-environmental engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an M.D. from the Medical University of South Carolina.

How to be a Best Seller: 18 Simple and Proven Steps You Must Know to Succeed

Written by Peter Paul Bud '74
Lulu Publishing


Based on more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience at IBM,  author Peter Paul Bud offers proven strategies and a wealth of knowledge for professionals looking to improve sales performance. Bud looks at the key principles that every successful sales professional should know, from understanding why the customer is always right and how to uncover a customer need you can then satisfy to  how to benefit from objections and be an effective listener.

Anyone from a newly minted college graduate to a seasoned professional will benefit from the strategies and ideas in this book.