As a student at Clarkson, did you know anything about the students that graduated 20 years before you, or the students that lived in the "New Dorms" when they were actually new in the 1960s? How about the achievements those students have had as alumni? We all know one out of every six Clarkson alumni is a CEO, vice president or business owner. We either heard this fact when we were applying to Clarkson, every time we went to the Career Center, or in the recent Clarkson marketing information. But do you know anything about the one out of six alumni? Do you know what journey they had to get to those positions? Do you know any alumni that have received the Golden Knight Award?

Did you know that the first year Clarkson had a hockey team was 1921 and they played on a rink that was located behind Old Main? Or that Clarkson had a varsity football team until 1952? Do you know what CCT is or why we chant "Let's go Tech" at the hockey games?

Clarkson's Alumni Association is taking steps to provide a place for all to obtain the answers to these questions and more. With the physical changes on campus, such as the renovations to the Schuler Educational Resources Center (ERC) and the new Student Center, the council voted unanimously in October 2009 to secure prime real estate at the entrance to the Student Center from the ERC's connecting bridge to create a space for the entire Clarkson family to understand, appreciate and enjoy the traditions and history from years past. Here, we will be able to recognize alumni achievement and educate the campus community about Clarkson's values and successes, fostering relationships and building pride through a constantly changing dynamic display. One month there might be a display focusing on the evolution of Women's Hockey at Clarkson, and the next month the display could be memories from the Class of 1958.

Our goal is to preserve Clarkson heritage and memorabilia, pass along the memories and traditions from past students, as well as highlight the accomplishments of our alumni. We want to be able to show past, current and future students the pride we have in our school's history and our alumni.

The Clarkson Alumni Council has made a pledge of $300,000 to the University to build the Alumni Gateway, a place for alumni recognition and memorabilia and a place where students can learn about alums and Clarkson traditions and history. The $300,000 pledge has three component parts: $100,000 for design and fit up, a $100,000 gift to the construction of the Student Center, and a novel project element in the creation of a $100,000 endowment to support years of creative Clarkson student curators to update the Alumni Gateway regularly, making the space a dynamic display of alumni memorabilia, information and achievement.

The student curator will have the opportunity to change the displays according to different events, past and present, which are part of Clarkson's fabric. With an endowment to fund a curator, it is guaranteed this space will be updated regularly for many years to come.

What can you do as alumni to contribute to this effort? We need memorabilia for our displays! Items that help you remember Clarkson and the time you spent on campus. We also need donations to reach our goal. We have made significant progress toward our fundraising goal of $300,000, with $229,470 pledged as of June 24, 2010. 

If you are interested in supporting the Alumni Gateway through the donation of memorabilia or through financial support, please e-mail us at or call 315-268-7810 for further information.