The mix of stories in this Clarkson magazine gives me pause to take stock of the value of a Clarkson degree. For example, the caliber of Clarkson faculty places them among those who answer the call to be on the front lines of an oil spill of catastrophic proportions (Slick Science), our students are recognized in spades for their innovative renewable energy solutions (Spotlight) and our alumni show the versatility of their education as their careers' evolve (Smart Moves). 

Whether Clarkson is your alma mater, you are a parent investing in education, or are a partner working with our research centers to bring new technology into the marketplace, there is a remarkable confluence of faculty, student and alumni achievements. The way we each think of Clarkson is heightened by the collective successes.

Everett G. Foster was another individual who took stock of all that Clarkson could be and delighted in seeing the institution and its people flourish in his role as the chair of the Board of Trustees (Clarkson Remembers Everett Foster). In February, he passed away from the cancer that had diminished his physical strength over the last two years, but never his spirit. My wife, Karen, and I owe Rett and his wife, Judy, our deepest gratitude for helping us navigate complex challenges and frequently renewing our own enthusiasm for advancing Clarkson's evolution to excellence. We are honored that Judy accepted the Board's nomination to complete Rett's trustee term.

To honor everyone who has contributed to the success of Clarkson, please join us as we remain vigilant to Clarkson's evolution to excellence.

Tony Collins