The WOW Factor: How I turned one great idea and my unbridled enthusiasm into a golf revolution

Written by Barney Adams ‘62
Skyshore Publishing
The Wow Factor

Entrepreneur and golf industry innovator Barney Adams is the   founder of Adams Golf and the inventor of the Tight Lies fairway wood, one of the best-selling golf clubs in history. In this inspiring book, Adams shares his story of how he made it happen — from turning his concept into a reality by thinking creatively, securing funding, designing prototypes, manufacturing products, marketing and sales.

“Barney Adams challenged one of the most staid and traditional business models in America, the golf equipment industry, and single-handedly changed how clubs are invented, introduced, marketed, distributed and sold. His tremendous success is a testament to what can be done with out-of-the-box thinking and persistence.”
—  Jim Hardy, 2007 PGA Teacher of the Year

Images of America

Images of America: Seattle’s 1962 World’s Fair

Written by Bill Cotter ‘73
Arcadia Publishing

When the United States entered the 1960s, the nation was swept up in the Space Race as the United States and the Soviet Union competed for supremacy in rocket and satellite technologies. Cities across the country hoped to attract new aerospace companies, but the city leaders of Seattle launched the most ambitious campaign of all. They invited the whole world to visit the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, and more than nine million people took them up on the offer.
Bill Cotter has been an avid scholar and fan of world’s fairs since his first visit to the 1964–65 New York World’s Fair. His collection of vintage photographs has been featured in numerous books, including previous titles for Arcadia Publishing.

Legends of the LakeLegend of the Lake: The 22-Gun Brig-Sloop Ontario 1780 — Discovery Edition

Written by Arthur Britton Smith
With ship drawings by John W. McKay, and wreck photos by
Dan Scoville and Jim Kennard ‘66
Quarry Heritage Books

In May 2008, engineers and wreck divers Jim Kennard ’66 and Dan Scoville made a very significant shipwreck discovery of a 228-year-old British warship HMS Ontario in Lake Ontario. The Ontario is the oldest ship ever found in the Great Lakes and the only fully intact British warship that exists in the world. The news of its discovery was covered in every major media outlet and has also launched a TV documentary "The Discovery of the Lost Ontario."

This book tells the story of the HMS Ontario and includes two chapters on the 2008 discovery, as well as photos of the wreck.