Students do not arrive at Clarkson by accident.

We are a destination for motivated students seeking a proven return on education. They come to our campus to engage in our distinctive hands-on, technology-intensive experience that prepares them well for rewarding, relevant careers and enriches their personal commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Our students thrive in our supportive, resource-rich community that focuses their motivation and empowers them to recognize and seek out opportunities. They develop skills to be sure. But what they really develop is confidence — gained from experience and successes that are often hard won.

That’s why Clarkson students graduate ready to lead, ready to engage others and already asking “What’s next?”

Throughout this issue of Clarkson magazine, we introduce you to members of our greater Clarkson community who are confidently leading global trends by incorporating green living into every aspect of their working and personal lives (Leading by Example); conducting research to preserve the integrity of our nation’s clean water and food supplies (Contaminant Cycling); advancing national security through biometrics (Outwitting Hackers); preparing to serve our nation’s armed services with distinction (Shared Values); and applying their expertise to assist people in remote, politically unstable parts of the world (Owens).

Every morning people around the globe wake up with the same opportunities as our Clarkson alumni and faculty to ask themselves “What’s next?” Yet, many never pursue new challenges. Every day Clarkson people lead and interact with diverse teams to apply their skills and innovative mindsets. Clarksonians seize ordinary opportunities of all sizes and convert them into extraordinary results.

As the world’s pressing issues mount, we each must be compelled to share the stories of our colleagues in the Clarkson community not simply to inspire new generations of students to seek our brand of education, but to mobilize others to join our lead in taking ordinary opportunities to do “what’s next” and reaching for extraordinary results.

Tony Collins