From Main Street to Main StreamFrom Main Street to Mainstream

Written by Matthew Turcotte ’14

Clarkson student Matthew Turcotte offers strategies, tips and information born of experience for small town business owners interested in developing a website to expand visibility and market share. The book is based on his own success launching a Web development business at the age of 16.

Poor Richard's LamentPoor Richard’s Lament: A Most Timely Tale

Written by Tom Fitzgerald ’64
Hobblebush Books

What if Ben Franklin came back? What if everything depended on it? That is the starting point for Tom Fitzgerald’s highly imaginative, intricately plotted novel that puts Ben Franklin on trial in a celestial court and then grants him his wish to come back to life in present day America. From the West Wing of the White House to the slums of West Philadelphia, Poor Richard’s Lament takes readers on a whirlwind tour of time and space.

Global Corruption: Rebuilding Hope

Written by Bharati Sharma ’77
LAP, Lambert Academic Publishing

The author, founder and CEO of the Nepal-based Emcit Heavy Industries Pvt. Ltd., looks at the challenges of planning and achieving goals in Nepal and the issues raised by resource shortages and systematic corruption.

Count Me In and No PropsNo Props: Great Games With No Equipment
Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work

Written by Mark Collard MBA ’87
Project Adventure Inc.

No Props: Great Games with No Equipment is a collection of group activities for teachers, youth leaders, corporate trainers and outdoor educators. From the simplest ice breakers and challenging problem-solving activities to getting-to-know-you games and trust exercises, these 300 activities have universal appeal and require no equipment. Designed for people working with large groups, Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work features strategies for successfully working with large groups, as well as hundreds of high-energy, interactive games and team-building activities.