Involved, committed and action-oriented describe people who are engaged in the world around them. Throughout this issue of Clarkson magazine, we highlight examples of Clarkson students, faculty and alumni who epitomize engagement as they influence and create wealth for society through education, service and leadership. 

A recent Wall Street Journal editorial by Anne Neal, president of the American Council on Alumni and Trustees, purports the health of our society depends upon the health of our educational institutions. Clarkson stands out as a healthy higher education institution that engages its students in a rigorous, technologically rich educational environment that rewards their hard work with an outstanding return on educational investment. Of 1,003 universities in Payscale’s 2011 College Salary Report, Clarkson graduates have the 17th highest starting salary average at $57,900. Our alumni’s mid-career average salaries are also in the top five percent among this national cohort of colleges and universities. 

These consistent career results come from deliberate decisions on how we fulfill Clarkson’s mission, vision and values, as well as how we remain strategically committed to making a Clarkson education affordable for families from all stations in life. The health of Clarkson, therefore, is largely dependent upon the health of our alumni and the networks they cultivate with their alma mater. Through their engagement with the campus, we yield global perspectives that infuse our curriculum, relevant internships and research experiences for students, and ultimately robust recruiting and hiring of our graduates. The continuum of alumni engagement makes Clarkson a premier place for the next generation of leaders to launch a career.

In January, Clarkson alumni will be asked to participate in a confidential survey to help us better understand how to strengthen and sustain alumni engagement with the University. Thank you for helping us advance our goal to identify the values, academic and student life experiences, and opportunities that have driven your education and lifelong success. The Board of Trustees, Alumni Association, faculty and staff will use the aggregated results to assess and take action on the health of Clarkson’s relationships with current students, as well as alumni.  

Pride in our affiliation with Clarkson for each and every one of us drives Clarkson’s forward progress, innovation and convention-defying success. Your engagement in our future is critical. 

Tony Collins