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Jerauld Adams '93

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Providing a Comprehensive Educational Experience
October 2009

The Clarkson Alumni Association Woodstock Award honors young alumni who have demonstrated outstanding loyalty and service to Clarkson and the alumni association. When Jerauld Adams received his award in 2008, he was recognized for a long list of volunteer activities including reunion giving chair, reunion activities chair, roundtable committee member, alumni admissions volunteer, and host for alumni events at his home. More recently he added chair of the Clarkson Fund and membership on the alumni council to his list. Jerauld earned his B. S. in Civil Engineering in 1993 and went on to receive his Master’s degree from Cornell University’s program in real estate. Jerauld owns Adams Realty Endeavors Inc. and North American Industries Inc. Jerauld was on campus and spoke with Marcell Mallette, Director of the Clarkson Fund:

Jerauld, why do you give to Clarkson?
“It’s a combination of things, including memories of the good times I had at Clarkson, the friends I made, the respect I received from professors, the pride I took with me when I graduated, and the "that's a great school" responses I get from the business professionals I deal with.  I often thought during Differential Equations or Physics 4 that, "I'll never use this stuff in real life.” Well, just getting through those classes was proof that I could do it, and if I could do that, I could do anything I set my mind to. Clarkson taught me how to work hard and work together toward a common goal.  Recruiters value the work ethic of Clarkson graduates and are pleased with the product they get when they interview on campus.  Clarkson gives you a chance to succeed and it also gives you a chance to fail. You grow up in an indirect way.  I give because I’m a member of the Clarkson family and I want to extend my experience to new students each year.”

Why do you give to the Clarkson Fund?
“The money I donate allows the University to provide a comprehensive educational experience for the students.  The money is unrestricted so it’s used where it's needed most each year. It fills the gaps to enrich the learning experience at Clarkson.”

Why are unrestricted gifts important?
“Clarkson can use the money to take care of unforeseen needs as they arise, as well as for continuing programs at the university. Ultimately it's for the benefit of the students. You can only imagine what might come up during the academic year that requires financial support.”

You recently increased your annual gift and are now a member of the Hill Society, a Leadership Giving Society. Why do you give each year?
“I remember wondering a few years ago if I had already made my annual gift, and then wondering why that made a difference. I felt ready to give again, so I did.  I believe I made three gifts to Clarkson that year. I also try to be creative in my giving. In 2003 I gave a 1950’s era Penn Yan row boat that now hangs from the ceiling of the Adirondack Lodge.  As I become more established with my business and professional career I hope to support Clarkson with higher pledges and more varied gifts.

Students attend Clarkson for the educational and life experience. It’s a time to broaden horizons, to grow intellectually and emotionally, and to be part of a family and feel the pride that it brings. The Clarkson experience is an adventure; it’s good times and hard work, and it proves that "I can do this and do it well.”  Employers appreciate the quality of the graduates molded here.  How much harder would it have been for us to find a job if we had graduated from a school other than Clarkson?”

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