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Edwin '52 and Nori Hawxhurst

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A Profile in Philanthropy
Spring 2004

It's not surprising that Ed Hawxhurst '52 earned the distinction of Golden Knight as he celebrated his 50th Reunion at Clarkson. He’s had a distinguished accounting career with global leadership responsibilities that brought him to every continent on the planet. He's been an active alumnus throughout the years. And all along the way he's lived his life driven by the same philosophy that inspired President Lyndon Johnson’s vision of a Great Society in the late 1960s: "The meaning of a person's life matches the marvels of his or her labor."  To Clarkson women and men, Ed's mantra might be likened to Clarkson's own motto: A Workman who Needeth not to be Ashamed.

There's no question that hard work has been a key to Ed’s success. But, Ed will tell you that just as important are the opportunities that others have created for him, beginning with the strong educational foundation he gained as a Clarkson undergraduate. After a two-year enlistment with the Army, Ed earned assistance from the GI Bill and entered Clarkson in 1948. After graduating with honors in 1952, he joined Arthur Young & Company, now Ernst & Young, LLP, where he advanced rapidly and was admitted to partnership in 1963. He then spent six years as managing partner at Arthur Young's Cincinnati office, before starting a 15-year stint with the company's Pacific Rim operations. During this period, Ed served as managing partner in both Tokyo and Jakarta and was responsible for a number of important Japanese and Indonesian clients.

Due to his experience and specialized knowledge of the Pacific Rim culture and business practices, Ed served for 12 years as a member of Arthur Young's Management Council, a group of 15 partners from around the world who established world-wide guidance and policy. In 1986, he retired from the U.S. firm but continued in Japan as advisor to the management of the Japanese firm while serving as a partner with TASA, an executive search-consulting firm.

Throughout his career, Ed made it a priority to contribute to the betterment of the communities in which he lived, helping to provide opportunities to others so that they too may become successful in their lives. Among his many involvements, he chaired the Model Cities Program for the "War on Poverty" in Cincinnati, and was a member of the city's Metropolitan Housing Authority. In recent years, Ed has continued to make a difference. He served as advisor to the President of Trinity Lutheran College and as a member of the Executive Service Corps in the state of Washington. He now is a director of Trinity Lutheran College and of Sammamish Christian School and Noah’s Ark Pre-school, where he is delighted to say that "300 young people call me Grandpa Ed."

Lifelong members of The Clarkson Roundtable, Ed and his wife, Nori, recently decided to create the Edwin F. and Noriyo Hawxhurst Charitable Gift Annuity with a gift of $50,000. The gift annuity allows Nori and Ed to be paid income each year for the rest of their lives.

"Clarkson asked, and they made a good case," said Ed. "The gift annuity makes a lot of sense — it's a great concept. Besides, Clarkson laid the foundation for my successful life and I am very impressed with the University today, its students, and its physical plant. It has an excellent long-term future ahead." "As well," said Ed, "giving back fits with my philosophy on life which grew even stronger when I was working with the model cities portion of the "War on Poverty" — it’s important to provide opportunities, not hand-outs.' "

Providing opportunities. An important legacy that has driven Ed Hawxhurst's life and, through his and Nori's gift annuity, will continue to provide opportunities for Clarkson students … indefinitely.