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Gus '82 & Magda Mininberg

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Clarkson has the Right Recipe for Success
February 2012

Gus J. Mininberg ’82, owner of High Voltage Electric Service, Inc. a high voltage electrical testing and maintenance firm in Albany, NY, felt that the education he received at Clarkson has proven to be of great value in his personal and professional success.  Because of his success and owing so much to Clarkson, Gus felt he should give back to the school to enable other students to receive the same kind of education he received. So in addition to their Clarkson Fund support, in 2011 he and his wife Magda created the Gus and Magda Mininberg Endowed Scholarship for deserving students in the Capital District.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a number of years,” he says. “And now that my son is up there, I feel this is the perfect time. I have done well by the school for the last thirty years.” His older son, Benjamin, is a soon-to-be Clarkson 2012 MBA graduate who he knows will reap the rewards of a Clarkson graduate education as well.  Gus feels fortunate that his Clarkson education coupled with his own drive to succeed has made it possible for him to create a fund that will help others realize the same success that he achieved.

He feels that Clarkson has the “right recipe” for preparing students to succeed in our global economy and he wishes to help deserving students access the Clarkson experience. He says that Clarkson’s location is one of the ingredients in Clarkson’s recipe that makes graduates successful. Gus grew up in New York City and says being away from family and friends made a difference. “The honest truth is it was seven hours away from home and my parents weren’t going to come bother me,” he says with a laugh. “But it was a good school and once I got into the ID program (now called Engineering and Management), that really turned around the whole focus on what to do.”

But location isn’t the only part of the recipe that makes a Clarkson education a success. He says Clarkson has the ability to train students to be leaders and to become whatever the student desires to be upon graduation. It is the mixture of educators, location, fellow students, alumni, staff, and working together that make a Clarkson graduate one that will succeed. He says that there is one final factor that prompted him to help future students with the endowed scholarship. “Because you need schools like Clarkson to be there to provide the educational skills that are not provided anywhere else.”  

For many years Gus has helped the Alumni office by selling tickets to the Clarkson at RPI hockey game and has attended various functions for both the Alumni and Admissions offices in the Capital District. Volunteering for Clarkson is something that keeps him involved with the school and his fellow alumni. And now, by creating the endowed scholarship, Gus is helping ensure the Clarkson experience for students in the years to come.