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A Great Story Unfolding at Clarkson
Adapted from the Winter 2009 E2E Newsletter

Tim and Sheila Pettee are like parents everywhere. They want the best for their children. That means providing their kids with as many opportunities as possible to help ensure their success and happiness. It also means instilling values in their children by setting a powerful example themselves. One way they do this is through philanthropic efforts.

And education has always been among their priorities. “Education is very, very important to us,” says Tim. “By supporting education, we show our kids that it matters to us and that it should matter to them too.” Their son, George, is a junior business major at Clarkson. “We’ve seen him mature exponentially over the last few years,” says Sheila. “And Clarkson has certainly been a big part of that.”

Tim and Sheila are the co-chairs of the Parents Committee’s 2009-10 Parents Fund, which has committed to raising $250,000 for the new Student Center.  “We were inspired to get involved with the Parents Committee and the Parents Fund because we care about George’s experiences while he is here and about Clarkson after he leaves,” says Tim. “We want to encourage other parents to get involved too.”

Tim and Sheila are both passionate in their support for education and they are enthusiastic about what they see as a “great story unfolding at Clarkson.” “It goes back to our first Parent’s Weekend actually,” recalls Tim. “We were impressed with the bold and ambitious vision that the school has. And Tony Collins is a great ambassador of that vision, if not its architect.”

In support of the E2E campaign, the Pettees have also hosted events for alumni and parents in their home in New Canaan, Conn., and at The Yale Club in New York City. “We look forward to participating in more events to convey Clarkson’s message to other parents and encourage them to get involved,” says Sheila.

“Clarkson has been a great fit for George,” Sheila continues. “His interests were still developing when he started college and being in a supportive, close-knit community has helped him focus his interests. We’re very grateful.”

The Parents Committee, representing all current and past parents, has committed to raising $250,000 through the Parents Fund during the next three fiscal years in support of the student center.  The Parents Committee will be recognized with the naming of the ground floor lounge in the new building. This commitment represents the strong feeling of parents toward the success and overall mission of Clarkson University.