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Why Humans Make Bad Investors

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Chief Investment Officer Doug Walters takes an interactive and entertaining look at how human behavior can lead to poor investing decisions. Why is it so hard to simply buy low and sell high? Doug will bring to light some of our shortcomings as investors, and provide practical advice on how to overcome them. In doing so, he will also discuss: current equity market valuation; hidden fees; the problem with CNBC; diversification; the benefits of dollar cost averaging; and the power of compounded returns. Whether you are just beginning to build your nest egg or are contemplating IRA distributions, you will walk away from this webinar a more informed investor. 

Doug Walters

Doug Walters, CFA is the Chief Investment Officer at Strategic Financial Services. Prior to joining Strategic, he spent 14 years in London and on Wall Street in senior equity research roles. His experience consulting with investment professionals across the European Union and the U.S. exposed Doug to a diversity of both cultures and investing styles, which he utilizes in his investment management.

Prior to entering his career in Finance, Doug designed supersonic military aircraft engines at General Electric. In addition to his degree from Clarkson, he has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and he is a CFA Charterholder. Doug currently resides in Clinton, NY.

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