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Gifts of Intellectual Property

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A gift of ownership of, or right to income from, patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property.

Further Information
Many individuals hold patents or copyrights to protect their ideas, processes or products. This legal ownership may also generate current and future income to the owner. A donor may gift to Clarkson ownership of the copyright or patent, may name Clarkson as a current or successor beneficiary of income, or may bequeath to Clarkson ownership and income rights from a patent or copyright.

Gifts of intellectual property may count in Clarkson fundraising campaigns, in your next anniversary reunion, and towards Roundtable annual recognition. Contact the Annie Clarkson Society for help related to your unique circumstances.

Tax and Financial Implications
Gifts of intellectual property may generate an income tax charitable deduction for the donor. Because of the myriad possibilities involved with gifts of intellectual property, donors should contact the Annie Clarkson Society to review their particular circumstances.

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This web page does not provide legal or financial advice, nor is it a comprehensive review of the topic. You should consult your legal and financial advisors and Clarkson University before making or planning your gift. (rev. 8/2016).