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Who May Become a Member?

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You are invited to join the Annie Clarkson Society if you have created an estate provision or life income gift, or if you have funded an endowment at Clarkson. Your age and the size of your deferred gift do not matter for membership (there are minimum levels for creating endowed funds). Spouses are eligible for membership as well. Gift plans include:

Society members serve as role models as they allow the university to list their names on the Society roster and encourage other members of the Clarkson community to consider similar gifts. Members may share as much or as little information as they wish about any deferred gift plans; all information shared is kept in strict confidence. Members may also elect to remain anonymous within the Society.

Sharing information about your deferred gift plan allows the University to confirm that your gift may someday be used as you intend and to document your wishes for those who come after us. The value of your deferred or endowment gift plan might also count in your next anniversary reunion year and fundraising totals.

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(rev. 2/2016)