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Endowed Funds and Naming Opportunities

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Your endowment gift to Clarkson is a statement of your philanthropic priorities, and “naming” your gift may be an appropriate way to recognize those priorities and encourage others to consider similar gifts. For example, you may wish to recognize or encourage achievement (the Jones Department Scholar Scholarship), or describe a philanthropic goal (the Smith Library Acquisition Fund), or celebrate a family legacy (the Jones Family Scholarship), or memorialize yourself, a parent, a teacher or other loved one. In all cases, your generosity advances Clarkson’s mission of preparing young adults to become leaders in society.

Individuals who create endowed funds are eligible for membership in the Annie Clarkson Society. Contact the Society for further information.

Gifts for endowed funds and naming opportunities may count in Clarkson fundraising campaigns, in your next anniversary reunion, and towards Roundtable annual recognition. Contact the Annie Clarkson Society for help related to your unique circumstances.

Your employer may match your endowment or naming gift. Visit our Matching Gift page to find out if your employer will match your gift, and how to initiate the process.

Named Endowed Funds
Clarkson named endowed funds are permanent funds that generate annual income. Earnings above the expendable amount are reinvested into the endowment principal. Endowed funds may be created with a single gift, a pledge of a gift over a certain number of years, and/or through an estate plan. Click to learn more about endowments. Endowed funds may be created for almost any purpose. Examples of endowed funds include:

 Type  Minimum
Funding Level 
Annual Expendable
Income at 4.0% 
 Endowed School or Department Dependent on size of school/department 
 Endowed Research Center $2,000,000 $80,000 
 Endowed Chair  2,000,000 80,000 
 Endowed Professorship  1,000,000 40,000 
 Endowed Staff Position  750,000 30,000 
 Endowed Associate Hockey Coach 750,000 30,000 
 Endowed Visiting Professor 500,000 20,000 
 Endowed Asst. Hockey Coach 500,000 20,000 
 Endowed Asst. Hockey Captain Scholarship 250,000 10,000 
 Endowed Graduate Fellowship 100,000 4,000 
 Endowed Faculty Development Fund  100,000 4,000 
 Endowed Presidential Scholarship  100,000  4,000 
 Endowed Hockey Player Scholarship  100,000  4,000 
 Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship  25,000  1,000 
 Endowed Funds for Donor-restricted Purposes  25,000  1,000 

Sponsored/Term Funds
Sponsored or term funds exist for a defined period of time (a minimum of four years). During that time, the principal and its earnings are expended for the specified purpose so that, at the end of the term, no funds remain. Examples of sponsored/term funds include:
 Type  Minimum Funding Level 
 Sponsored/term Professorship $500,000 
 Share Clarkson Scholarship 10,000 

Naming Physical Spaces
Naming a space on campus is an especially effective way to memorialize a loved one and encourage others to make similar gifts. It may also allow you to support important priorities as the campus evolves to meet the needs of the academic program. You may fund renovations for a classroom or an academic laboratory, remodel an atrium, add a specialized wing to a building; even build an entire facility. Endowed funds may be created to maintain facilities as well. Examples where current support is needed include:
 Space  Funding Level 
 Campus Loop Road  4,000,000
 Cheel Green Space  4,000,000
 Soccer Amphitheater  4,000,000
 Academic Quad between Snell & Student Center  3,000,000
 Physical Plant Facility  2,500,000
 Main Entrance Streets on Campus  2,000,000
 Snell Hall Lecture Room  1,000,000
 Soccer Practice Field  1,000,000
 The Lawn (corner of Route 11 & Clarkson Ave.)  1,000,000
 "Pit" Path  500,000
 Woodstock Athletic Fields (4)  500,000
 Snell Field Stadium Lights  300,000
 Trail System behind Brown Adirondack Lodge  250,000
 Snell Field Grandstand  200,000
 Women's Hockey Locker Room  150,000
 Snell Field Press Box/Media Center  100,000
 Snell Field Scoreboard  60,000
 Riverfront Pathways (each)  50-100,000
 Snell Field Entranceway  50,000
 Women's Hockey Coach's Office  40,000
 Alumni Gym Conference Room  30,000
 Snell Field Clubhouse  30,000
 Snell Field Concession Stand  30,000
 Alumni Gym Men & Women's Basketball Team Rooms  25,000
 Alumni Gym Women's Volleyball Team Room  25,000
 Snell Field Dugout (2)  25,000
 Tennis Courts (each)  25,000
 Alumni Gym Coach's Offices (8)  15,000
 Snell Field Outfield Fence  15,000
 Snell Field Batting Cage  10,000
 Snell Field Bullpen  10,000

Additional Naming/Memorial Ideas

 Item Funding Level 
 Outdoor bench with plaque $5,000
 Tree on campus  2,500
 Seat in Phillips Stadium  1,000

Contact the Annie Clarkson Society for further information on naming opportunities at Clarkson.

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