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Access to sufficient financial aid continues to be one of the great barriers to higher education, and the need grows each year. Alumni and friends of Clarkson who believe in the power of higher education, but who may not yet be in a position to endow a scholarship, can “Share Clarkson” by supporting a student with gifts of at least $2,500 each year over a 4-year period. Clarkson selects the student, but you help make it possible for that student to benefit from a Clarkson education.

Here’s How it Works
Many prospective students face a gap between their available financial resources (family contribution, government aid, Clarkson and other assistance) and the total tuition and fees that Clarkson must charge. By providing a direct scholarship through the Share Clarkson program, you can help close that gap and help these students attend Clarkson: 

  • An individual or group pledges $2,500 annually for four years.
  • As a donor you may specify selection criteria, such as an academic discipline or geographic region, for choosing a recipient.
  • Clarkson's Scholarship Committee selects an appropriate applicant.
  • You choose how much personal contact, if any, you have with the recipient.
  • Your scholarship may carry your name or the name of someone you designate.
  • Your Share Clarkson gifts count in annual University fundraising, towards Roundtable annual recognition, in anniversary reunion class fundraising and in Clarkson fundraising campaigns.
  • And best of all, your student recipient is able to enroll at his or her school of choice: Clarkson.

It’s a Clarkson Tradition

Since its founding, Clarkson has provided opportunity to promising and hard-working students who might otherwise not earn their degree. Clarkson alumni and friends have, for generations, provided financial assistance to help these deserving students. Through Share Clarkson you can make a difference for students now that will last a lifetime.

Contact the Annie Clarkson Society
for further information on Share Clarkson.

Gifts to the Share Clarkson program may count in Clarkson fundraising campaigns, in your next anniversary reunion, and towards Roundtable annual recognition. Contact the Annie Clarkson Society for help related to your unique circumstances.

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