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At Clarkson, we believe that the School of Arts & Sciences puts our students ahead of traditional liberal arts school graduates. When you learn in an entrepreneurial, technologically rich environment like Clarkson, you are better suited for the challenges of today's fast-paced world and you begin your next career steps with a much broader background and network of peers.

With more than 85 faculty, Clarkson's School of Arts & Sciences enrolls more than 500 undergraduates in more than a dozen degree programs leading to bachelor of science degrees. Our faculty and departments also span boundaries between disciplines, between education and the real world, and between the individual and society. Clarkson faculty are scholars focused on student success in a rigorous, challenging educational environment.

We also provide a strong education for those interested in careers in health and medicine, pre-law and pre-physical therapy. Our University Studies program allows students to investigate options during the freshman year, without declaring a major, and with guidance from the First-Year Advising Center. Our Science Studies program provides the same opportunity for those undecided about which discipline to pursue.

Because the world desperately needs well-rounded thinkers who understand the vital, vibrant links that begin with the arts and sciences, we’ll help you connect the dots between disciplines.

Zachary Swank

"It is ultimately our generation who will be dealing with the effects of global warming decisions made today”  

Political Science major and Honors student Zachary Swank '08 participated in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 13th Conference of the Parties meeting in Bali, Indonesia, December 3 to 14. Swank and the other 21 members of the SustainUS U.S. youth delegation group discussed international policy, worked to persuade government delegations to take action on climate change, and forged relationships with international youth.