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Tuition & Expenses

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Graduate School Estimated Expenses

Tuition Costs** - varies by program

Partial Tuition Assistantship/Scholarship Recipients (20 credits/year) - $26,900
Teaching/Research Assistantships (24 credits/year) - $32,280
Teaching/Research Assistantships (30 credits/year) - $40,350

University Fees (Facilities Usage)** - $900 for residential programs. All other programs are $75 per term.

Living Expenses (Rent & Food) - $10,528

Other Expenses (Books, travel, & incidental personal expenses) - $6,000

Health Insurance - $2,125 (estimated)
All Clarkson students are required to have health insurance.  If you do not provide your own, you will be billed for the University's student insurance.  The above rate is an estimate and the final cost will be available to you in the fall.

**Tuition & Fees will be paid directly to Clarkson University

For a more detailed break-down of costs based on the type of financial aid offered, please refer to the documents posted on the right.

Estimated Expense Sheets

Automated Expense Sheet - Full Time Students

The above is an Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to enter the number of credits you will be taking and the scholarship you have been awarded from your admission letter to determine your estimated costs for one year at Clarkson.  If you have any difficulty with the file or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Off-Campus/Part-Time Expense Sheet

Certification of Finances Forms (COF)
International Students

Partial Aid Awards - 20 credits

Partial Aid Awards - 30 credits (ME Students)

Full Scholarship - 24 credits

Full Scholarship - 30 credits