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Master's theses or Doctoral dissertations must be approved by the student's research committee, department, school, and dean of the Graduate School.  Projects for non-thesis Master's students must be approved by the advisor, department, school, and dean of the Graduate School.  All associated final and signed paperwork must be submitted to the appropriate school office by the published deadline. 

For May commencement, this deadline is generally 10 working days before commencement to confer degrees for PhD dissertation & MS thesis completions.  For non-thesis Master's students, this deadline is generally 2 working days before the faculty vote to confer degrees.

For December commencement, this deadline is generally the Monday following final exams week.

December 2016             

May 2017

August 27, 2016            

  January 18, 2017   Last day to complete without enrollment
Dec 9, 2016*   April 28, 2017*   PhD Dissertation & MS Thesis Completions
Dec 9, 2016*   April 28, 2017*   MS Non-thesis Completions

*These dates are estimated based on an anticipated timeline.  Official dates will be established by the Dean of the Graduate School and updated here as they are announced.

To allow sufficient time for review of completion requirements and approval by the Dean of the Graduate School, all completion paperwork must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator's office no later than noon on the above dates, unless otherwise indicated.

If the deadline for a given semester is not met, you will be moved to the next semester's graduation list.

 Completion Requirements
Once you have successfully defended your thesis/dissertation, or have completed all requirements for a non-thesis completion, you must submit all required documents to your Graduate Coordinator office for review and final approvals.

A checklist has been created to assist you in this process:
Completion Checklist (.pdf)

Forms Required:
(samples have been provided for some forms to assist you in completing them properly)

Other Requirements:

  • MS Thesis Completions
    • Two (2) copies of thesis (will be sent to Clarkson's library for circulation and archiving).
    • One (1) copy of thesis for department.
      NOTE: All MS thesis copies should be bound in pressboard, hole-punched covers, with an appropriate label.
      Pressboard covers (click here to see a sample)
      Sample label (.doc)
  • PhD Completions
    • One (1) electronic copy of dissertation on CD (for University archives).
    • Completed SED (Survey of Earned Doctorates)
    • Submit electronic copy of dissertation to ProQuest for publishing (see below for more information).


Formatting Guidelines
Information to assist you in formatting your MS thesis or PhD dissertation.

Pages required by the University:
Sample Title Page - MS (.pdf)  |  PhD (.pdf)
Sample Committee Page - MS (.pdf)  |  PhD (.pdf)

Formatting your MS thesis:
Guide to Formatting your MS Thesis (.pdf)

Formatting your PhD dissertation:
ProQuest (publisher) guidelines (.pdf)
Guide to Formatting your PhD Dissertation (.pdf)

For additional help in everything from formatting your work to improving your sentence structure, you can also visit Clarkson's writing center - see their website for location, hours, and resources.

Submitting Your Dissertation/Thesis
All MS candidates must submit three hard copies of their final, approved thesis along with all of their completion paperwork to the Graduate School office.  These must be bound per the guidelines above.  Once the final approvals have been received from the Provsot's office, two copies will be sent to the University's library circulation desk to be added to the stacks and archives, and one will be sent to your department.

All PhD candidates will submit their dissertation for publishing & archiving using UMI ETD Administrator.  Please go to to create a password and set up your account.  You can start the process, logout, and login again later; your work will be saved.

Once your final dissertation has been approved, you will need to convert your dissertation to an Adobe PDF file.  Specific guidelines on completing this process, as well as a built-in file converter tool, are available on the ETD Administrator website.  Please submit only your final, approved dissertation for publishing.  Carefully review your converted PDF document to ensure there were no errors in the conversion (e.g., formatting issues, missing pages, etc.).

Once you have fully submitted your dissertation and completed the online information, you should have your credit card handy as all publishing fees will be paid online.

After you submit your dissertation or thesis, it will be sent to your graduate school for review.  After your graduate school finishes reviewing, it will be delivered to ProQuest/UMI for publishing and archiving.  Once publishing is complete, two (2) copies of your dissertation will be hard-bound by ProQuest and returned to the University for inclusion in our library's stacks and archives.

What Happens Next?
Once all your forms have been completed and your thesis/dissertation has been submitted to ProQuest/UMI, bring everything to the graduate coordinator office:

Carmen Camp
Graduate Coordinator
School of Arts & Sciences
TAC 122

Your graduate coordinator will review all of your completion materials with you to make sure there will not be any issues or surprises.  Once everything has been reviewed, the final paperwork will be submitted to the Dean, and finally to the Dean of the Graduate School (Provost) for final signatures.  When the provost signs your forms, we can officially confirm the completion of your program.  Paperwork will be sent to the registrar's office to confirm your completion, and you will be eligible to participate in the next commencement ceremony.  A letter certifying your completion can be prepared upon request - please check with your graduate coordinator for more details.

All completion paperwork must be submitted by Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Forms & Requirements

Completion Checklist

Completion Notice

Laboratory Clearance Sign-Off Form

Program Form - MS | PhD

Graduate Student Exit Interview

Survey of Earned Doctorates
     Hard Copy

ProQuest Submissions (PhD Only)