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A Degree in Biology Opens Up Many Exciting Career Optionsbiology-careers

A degree in biology opens the door to a multitude of interesting careers. Your undergraduate degree can help you to find a research position in government, academics or industry. It is also an excellent preparation for professional or graduate school. In fact, a large percentage of Clarkson biology majors enroll in graduate programs and have successful careers in medicine and industry. Read about some of our graduates below.

Comments By Clarkson Graduates:

"The flexibility of the Clarkson biology program allowed me to take classes in physics and math in addition to my biology requirements. This has enabled me to pursue biophysics in graduate school." - Jessica Snyder '05, Ph.D. student, University of Rochester

"The education that I received through the Biology Department at Clarkson has proven invaluable in my study of medicine. The help from professors and the variety of courses offered allowed me to develop a strong background in the basic sciences that is necessary to be competitive at higher levels."
— Ryan Bodkin '03 is a medical student at the University of Buffalo Medical School.

"My research at Clarkson taught me the value of a clearly designed research plan and well-defined research questions. I valued the dedicated professors and the opportunity to tutor other students. Being a TA helped me to develop and refine my public speaking and mentorship skills which I use daily in my job. Most of all, I am thankful for the incredible faculty in the Biology Department who continue to support me and stay in contact."
— Colleen Peck-Reuland '97 obtained an M.S. degree in Evaluative Clinical Sciences from Dartmouth Medical School.

"I had a great experience at Clarkson and have a number of fond memories. In particular, the small class size and the availability of the faculty were very important. In general, I think that the engineering and business atmosphere at Clarkson did a good job preparing me for clinical medicine."
— Pat Gregory '87 is a cardiologist at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia, and a faculty in the Internal Medicine Residency Program. He trained in internal medicine and cardiology at Naval Medical Centers in Portsmouth and San Diego.

"My time at Clarkson helped to impress upon me the importance of dedication and hard work. These principles helped me successfully matriculate in a medical school after graduating from Clarkson."
— Steve Greer '90 is a resident in Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

"I am part of a legacy, my father and brother are also Clarkson alumni. The most important aspects of a Clarkson education are the quality of the faculty, the quality of the curriculum (both timely and challenging) and the realization that with hard work and dedication I could be anything that I wanted to be."
— Marc E. Hofmann '90 is a physician with a private practice in Memphis, Tennessee, with a special interest in Sleep Disorders.


"Faculty members brought their own individual experiences into their teaching, making learning concepts both more interesting and more applicable. Clarkson has helped me greatly in my pursuit of a career in medicine."

— Jen Bashant '01 graduated from SUNY Upstate College of Medicine and is currently performing residency training in Boston.