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Alan Rossner
Associate Professor
Director - Environmental Health Science Program & Environmental Science and Policy
Institute for a Sustainable Environment / Department of Biology
TAC 122
Clarkson University
PO Box 5715
Potsdam, NY 13699-5805
Phone: 315-268-6470
Fax: 315-268-7118

Ph.D., in Occupational Health, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
MS in Environmental Health, University of Washington, Seattle WA.
Teaching Interests:  Dr. Rossner teaches a variety of courses in the EHS and ES&P curriculum.  His interests revolve around environmental contamination and its impact on human health. 

Courses taught
BY416/IH416 Occupational Toxicology
BY280/EV280 Environmental Science
IH 309 Introductions to Industrial Hygiene
IH 405 Air sampling Methods and Analysis
IH 406 Control Methods and Ventilation design
IH 330 EHS management
IH Advanced Topics in Environmental and Occupational Health
EV 100 Intro to ES&P and EHS
EV 200 Creating Environmental Policy
EV 300 Environmental Leadership
ES 432 Risk Analysis

Research Interests
As Director of Environmental Health Science and Environmental Science & Policy undergraduate programs at Clarkson University, Dr. Rossner has teaching and research interests in human exposure to hazardous chemicals and agents. He spent 10 years working in the industrial sector as an industrial hygienist, performing exposure assessments and implementing control systems.

Currently Dr. Rossner is working three research projects: 1) an improved system for sampling and analyzing gases and vapors to assess human exposure in indoor pollutants,  2) An evaluation of children’s exposure to diesel exhaust from school buses, and 3) an assessment of benzene and other air toxics exposures to a native American community down wind from a large industrial source.   In each project the primary focus is exposure to many chemicals over a long period of time.  Cumulative exposure to hazardous chemicals can result in serious chronic disease, yet instrumentation and sampling methods that can measure long term exposure need to be continually redesigned and implemented to ensure we have accurate exposure data to help predict the risk of disease from environmental exposures.  He currently has undergraduates and graduate students working in his lab supported by  National Institute for Occupational and Safety and Health (NIOSH)  and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants.

Recent Student Research Project:
LeBouf, R, and Rossner, A,: Microbial Generated Volatile organic Compounds and Indicators of Mold Contamination in Indoor Residential environments, Conference presentation, American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, IL May 15, 2006.

Gonyo, E. and Rossner, A,: Children’s Exposure to Diesel Exhaust from School Buses in a Rural Environment, Conference presentation, American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, IL May 15, 2006.

Quinn, MA. and Rossner, A.: Lead Exposure from Household items Acquired in Northern New York, Symposium on Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Clarkson University, August 3, 2006.

 Miller, LA, and Rossner, A.: Evaluation of a Measurement Model for Nuclear Holdup Using a Facility Simulation, Symposium on Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Clarkson University, August 3, 2006.

Schreiner, C.A, Rossner, A, A. Ferro,: A Children’s Exposure to Diesel Exhaust at a Rural  Elementary School, International Society of Exposure Analysis and International Society of Environmental Epidemiology Conference, Paris, France, September 2006.

Publications (last 5 years)

A. Rossner, J.P. Farant, "A Novel Personal Sampling Device for Collection of Volatile Organic Compounds: A Comparison to Charcoal Tubes and Diffusive Badges," J. Occup. And Environ. Hyg., Feb. 2004.

A. Rossner,S.D. Warner, A. Vyskocil, R. Tardif and J.P. Farant, , "Performance of Small Evacuated Canisters Equipped With a Novel Flow Controller for the Collection of Personal Air Samples," J. Occup. And Environ. Hyg. 1(3), 173-181, 2004.

A. Rossner and D.P. Wick, "Evaluation of the Sampling Bias Associated with the Use of Small Evacuated Canisters," American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition, Dallas, TX, May 15, 2003.

A. Rossner and D.P. Wick, "A Preliminary Assessment of the Sampling Bias Associated with a Capillary-Canister Air Sampling Device," J. Occup. And Environ. Hyg. 2(8), 2005.

Thomas, F.C. and Rossner, A., Chapter 21:  Application of the IH EAS model to Product Stewardship Risk Assessment, A strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures.  AIHA Press, 3rd Edition (2006)

Hopke, P.H, and Rossner, A., Exposure to Airborne particulate matter in the ambient, indoor and occupational environments.  Clinics in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 5 (4) 747-772 (2006).