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Hosana Mamata '13

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For Hosana Mamata ’13, being a successful biology student at Clarkson means having a good balance between classes, research and real-world experiences, and student clubs and sports.
And she would know. Hosana, a Brookline, Mass. native, has been able to do a bit of everything in her time at Clarkson, including a summer research project, volunteering and job shadowing at a local hospital, creating a new club on campus and joining many others, rowing on the varsity crew team and serving as a teaching assistant.

Hosana’s interest in biology and pre-medical studies began in high school, when she was able to intern at Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the radiology department as a research assistant. “Science has always been something I’ve been fascinated with, but having that internship was when I realized my passion for medicine,” she says.

In the Department of Biology at Clarkson, Hosana enjoys the friendly atmosphere and opportunities available. “The professors in the department are always looking to help you do your best academically and professionally,” she explains. “I also just started working with cadavers in my anatomy and physiology course, which has been a great experience for me.”

Over the summer of 2011, she was able to work with Prof. Sumona Mondal (mathematics) and Prof. Tina Norton (psychology) as part of the Undergraduate Biology-Math research program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Their project, the psychosocial effects of caffeine on college students, involved statistical analysis of psychosocial research data obtained from Clarkson students. 

She says, “Above and beyond the lab experience, I also had the opportunity to present at seminars and a conference. It was a great research opportunity that allowed me to better understand both the statistical and biological aspects of real world research.”

Her experience with cadavers and in the lab will be great practice for what she hopes to be the next step after Clarkson – medical school to become a radiologist. To prepare herself even more, in the spring of 2012, Hosana will begin a job shadowing and volunteer position at Canton-Potsdam Hospital’s Radiology Department.

In her spare time, Hosana enjoys getting involved in extracurricular activities, especially with the Clarkson Humane Society, a student club she created in conjunction with a local animal shelter, the Potsdam Humane Society. Members of the club raise money for the shelter and volunteer to help take care of the animals living at the shelter.
She is also a varsity rower on the Clarkson crew team, a teaching assistant for freshman biology labs and the recipient of the Commendable Service Award from Phalanx, a campus organization that recognizes campus leaders with membership and awards. “I fell in love with Clarkson and the campus when I came to visit on a campus tour. Now that I’ve been here, I realize that whether its club activities or hanging out with your friends, there is so much offered here.”
hosana mamata

Hosana Mamata '13