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Silvana Andreescu

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Silvana Andreescu, PhD

Professor and Egon Matijević Chair

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science, Clarkson University
8 Clarkson Avenue, Potsdam, NY 13699-5810

Phone: 315-268 2394; Fax: 315-268 6610


Educational Background

NATO-NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, State University of New York at Binghamton
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Perpignan, France and University of Bucharest, Romania
MS Biosensors, University of Bucharest, Romania
BS Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania


- Research Excellence Award, Clarkson University, 2014
- John W. Graham Jr. Faculty Research Award, Clarkson University, 2011
- NSF-CAREER award, National Science Foundation (NSF), 2010
- Invited professor, Technological Institute, University of Perpignan, Perpignan, France, 2007
- NSF-NATO postdoctoral fellowship award, NSF, 2003–2004
- EGIDE-CNRS Research Scholarship, France, 2002
- European Community, BIOSET Collaboration Program: Environment and Climate, 2000
- BGF - French Government Doctoral Scholarship, University of Perpignan, France, 1999–2002
- Doctoral Scholarship: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Romania, 1999–2002
- European Community, TEMPUS-MS fellowship: Biosensors for Environmental Control, 1998

Research Interests

Our research is in the field of analytical and bioanalytical chemistry focusing on investigations of basic biochemical mechanisms at biointerfaces, bionanotechnology, biomimetic materials and artificial receptors, and the development of novel analytical methods and instrumentation to address current and emerging problems of clinical and environmental significance. Sensors developed in our laboratory are used to understand fundamental molecular mechanisms in biological systems, determine clinically important analytes associated with medical conditions and address environmental challenges. Examples of current projects include: (1) low cost field portable sensors for toxicity monitoring, (2) redox active nanoparticles for switchable biomolecular assays, (3) implantable electrochemical microelectrodes for studying neurotransmission in the zebrafish model system, (4) microelectrochemical probes for quantitative assessment of oxidative stress and understanding the relationship between oxidative stress and nanoparticle exposure, (5) development of methods for in situ characterization of nanoscale materials and understanding of the chemical transformation of engineered nanoparticles in the environment, (6) electrochemical collision technique for single particle characterization of the nanoparticles’ surface properties, catalytic activity and chemical reactivity and (7) study of single particle biomolecular recognition events at bioconjugated nanoparticles for ultrasensitive detection of molecular targets.


Recent Peer Reviewed Publications (selection)

N.P. Sardesai, M. Ganesana, A. Karimi, JC. Leiter, S. Andreescu, Platinum-Doped Ceria Based Biosensor for in Vitro and in Vivo Monitoring of Lactate during Hypoxia, Anal. Chem. 87, 2015, 2996-3003.

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Books Edited

Nanotechnology for Environmental Decontamination, McGraw-Hill (ISBN 0071702792), Ed: M.K. Ram, S. Andreescu, H. Ding, 448 pages, May, 2011.

Oxidative Stress: Diagnostics, Prevention, and Therapy, American Chemical Society Symposium Series, Oxford University Press (ISBN13: 9780841226838). Ed: S. Andreescu, M. Hepel, Volume 1083, 428 pages, November 17, 2011.

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E.S. Andreescu, M. Ornatska, C. Ispas, D. Andreescu, Reagentless ceria based colorimetric sensor: colorimetric components, methods of use, methods of assembly and related applications, Patent Application, US20120315659, WO2012170851A3, Publication date: December 13, 2012.

E.S. Andreescu, E. Sharpe, D. Andreescu, Portable nanoparticle based assay for rapid detection of food antioxidants (NANOCERAC), US 20140162368 A1 , Publication date, June 2014.

Current Research Group Personnel

Research Associates, Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Faculty

  • Dr. Akhtar Hayat
  • Dr. Dinusha P. Karunaratne

Current Graduate Students

  • Xiaobo Liu
  • Gonca Bulbul
  • Anahita Karimi
  • Eduard Dumitrescu
  • Ali Othman
  • Ramiz Alkassir