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Evgeny Katz

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Evgeny Katz
Milton Kerker Chaired Professor of Colloid Science
Chemistry & Biomolecular Science
145 Science Center
Clarkson University
PO Box 5810
Potsdam, NY 13699-5810

Phone: 315-268-4421

Laboratory of Bioelectronics & Bionanotechnology

Educational Background

1976     B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering - D.I. Mendeleyev Chemical Engineering University, Moscow, Russia
1983     Ph.D. in Chemistry - A.N. Frumkin Institute of Electrochemistry, Russian Acad. Sci., Moscow, Russia

Professional Experience

2006-present    Milton Kerker Chaired Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY

1993-2006        Senior Research Associate (1993-2000) / Associate Research Professor (2000-2006), Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel

1983-1991        Research Scientist / Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Photosynthesis, Russian Acad. Sci., Pushchino, Russia

Visiting Positions:   Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, München Technische Universität, Department of General Chemistry & Biochemistry, Freising, Germany (1992-1993); CSIC Fellow, Instituto de Catalisis, CSIC, Madrid, Spain (1992); Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (1991-1992).

Research Interests

Biocomputing based on enzymes and DNA, logical gates and arithmetics based on bioelectronic systems, self-organized & self-responding bioelectronic systems.

Biofunctionalized nanomaterials (metallic nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles, semiconductive quantum dots, nanorods, nanowires) for bioelectronic and biomedical applications.

Bionanoengineering, functional interfaces composed of biomaterials & nano-objects, supra-molecular hybrid systems with complex molecular/biomolecular architecture.

Bioelectronics & optobioelectronics, switchable & tunable electrobiocatalytic and photobiocatalytic systems.

Bionanotechnology for bioelectronic applications, electrical wiring of enzymes by nano-objects, amplification paths for bioanalytical systems, nanocircuitry generation based on biotemplates & biocatalysis.

Biosensors based on integrated systems with complex molecular architecture, self-powered biosensors, switchable & tunable biosensors.

Professional Honors, Fellowships and Affiliations

Clarkson's Lifetime Research Achievement Award, 2014Professor Accreditation by Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari a Catalunya (AQU Catalunya, Spain), 2006; Kaye Awards for Scientific Innovations, Hebrew University, Israel, 1995 and 2004; Research Award, Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Germany, 1993; Research Award, CSIC, Spain, 1992; Institute Recognition Awards, Institute of Photosynthesis, Russian Acad. Sci., 1983, and 1989; State Medal of Inventor, USSR, 1989.

Research Group of Bioelectronics & Bionanotechnology

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Evgeny Katz