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Egon Matijevic     

Egon Matijević
Victor K. LaMer Professor of Colloid & Surface Science
322 CAMP
Clarkson University
PO Box 5814
Potsdam, NY 13699-5814

Phone: 315-268-2392
Fax: 315-268-6656
E-mail:                  and

Educational Background

B. Chem. Eng., University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dr.Habil., University of Zagreb

Selected Honors

  • Honorary Dr. Sci. National University of San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Honorary Dr. Sci. University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Honorary Dr. Sci University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Honorary Dr. Sci Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York
  • Honorary Dr. Sci Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland,
  • Honorary Dr. Sci Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Corresponding Member Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Member, World Academy of Ceramics
  • Thomas Graham Award, Kolloid Gisellschaft, Germany
  • Boño Teñak Medal, Croatian Chemical Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Gold Medal American Electroplates Society
  • Egon Matijević, Chair in Chemistry, Clarkson University
  • Honorary Academic Staff Member, Canton-Potsdam Hospital

Awards of the American Chemical Society:

  • 1993 Chemistry of Colloid Materials (Iler Award)
  • 1985 Langmuir Distinguished Lecturer
  • 1972 Colloid and Surface Chemistry (Kendall Award)

Honorary Member:

  • Croatian Chemical Society, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Kolloid Gesellschaft, Germany
  • The American Ceramic Society
  • Materials Research Society of Japan

Research Interests
Colloid stability; interactions of colloids with complex solutes; adsorption from solutions; inorganic precipitations; monodispersed inorganic and polymer colloids; particle adhesion; colloid aspects of ceramics; interfacial aspects of corrosion; aerosols; medical applications of fine particles;  pigments; nanostructures, chemical mechanical polishing.

Selected Recent Publications

A.A. Mohamed and E. Matijević: Preparation and characterization of uniform particles of uric acid and its salts, J. Colloid Interface Sci., 392, 129 – 136, (2013).

A.A. Mohamed and E. Matijević: Preparation and Characterization of Uniform Particles of Flufenamic Acid and its Calcium and Barium Salts, J. Colloid Interface Sci., 381, 198-201, (2012).

E. Matijević: Preparation of Uniform Drug Particles. IN: Fine Particles in Medicine and Pharmacy, Springer, pp. 25 – 53, (2012).

A.A. Mohamed and E. Matijević: Preparation and Characterization of Uniform Drug Particles: Dehydrocholic Acid, J. Colloid Interface Sci., 368, 625 – 628, (2012).

I. Sevonkaev, I. Halaciuga, D.V. Goia and E. Matijević: Distribution of Density in Spherical Colloidal Particles by Transmission Electron Microscopy. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physiochemical and Engineering Aspects, 354, 16-21, (2010).

V. Meled, S.V. Babu and E. Matijević: Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Methyl Silsequioxane (MSQ), J. Electrochem Soc., 156 (6), H460-H465, (2009).

I. Sevonkaev and E. Matijević: Formation of Magnesium Fluoride Particles of Different Morphologies, Langmuir, 25, 10534-10539, (2009).

Y. Hattori and E. Matijević: Gelatin Induced Reduction of Uniform Nanoplatelets of Ni(OH)2 to Ni Metal, J. Colloid Interface Sci., 335, 50-53, (2009).

B. J. Morrow, E. Matijević, and D.V. Goia: Preparation and Stabilization of Monodispersed Colloidal Gold by Reduction with Aminodextran, J. Colloid Interface Sci., 335, 62-69, (2009).

I. Sevonkaev, D.V. Goia and E. Matijević: Formation and Structure of Cubic Particles of Sodium Magnesium Fluoride (Neighborite), J. Colloid Interface Sci., 317, 130-136, (2008).

E. Matijević and D.V. Goia: Mechanisms of the Formation of Uniform Colloid Particles, Croat. Chem. Acta., 80, 485-491, (2007).

V. Uskoković and E. Matijević:  Uniform Particles of pure and silica-coated Cholesterol. J. Colloid Interface Sci., 315, 500-511, (2007).

O. Siiman, A. Jitianu, M. Bele, P. Grom and E. Matijević: Amplified Light Scattering and Emission of Silver and Silver Core-Silica Shell Particles J. Colloid Interface Sci., 309, 8-20, (2007).

E. Matijević: Nanosize Precursors as Building Blocks for Monodispersed Colloids. Colloid Journal, 69, 29-38, (2007).

Selected Plenary and Keynote Lectures

2009 14th International Symposium on Field and Flow Based Separators, Patras, Greece

2006 13th International Conference on Surface Forces, Moscow, Russia

2005 International Symposium "Natural Sciences in Contemporary Society" , Ljubljana, Slovenia

2004 ICOSECS 4 Meeting, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

2004 The 13th Ostwald Collogium, Germany Colloid Society, Ludwigshafen, Germany

2003 The First Symposium on Nanoparticulate Materials and Components, Ansan, Korea

2003 91st National Korean Chemical Society, Pusan, Korea

2003 11th Conference of the Internat. Assoc. of Colloid and Interface Sci, (IAC Lecture), Iguassu Falls, Brazil

2003 203rd Electrochemical Society Meeting, Paris, France

2002 55th Annual Meeting of the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Japan Chemical Society, Sendai, Japan

2001 12th Argentinian Congress of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, San Martin de los Andes, Argentina

Students and Associates 

50 PhD Students
46 Ms Students
130 Research Associates and Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar

Amr A. Mohamed Hassan; Research Associate, January 2011 through January 2013; engaged in research dealing with the preparation and characterization of uniform fine particles (i.e. drugs and bio-materials) of interest in medicine and pharmacy. Amr was sponsored by the Arab Republic of Egypt Cultural and Educational Bureau.