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How can I get involved and meet other students in my major?
Clarkson students are noted for the quality and breadth of their knowledge and their ability to work in teams. Getting involved in your major is central to the important concept of teamwork. Here's how studying Chemistry at Clarkson takes you beyond class work:

Research Experience
— You will have direct access to our laboratories as early as your sophomore year. Because Clarkson offers graduate degrees in Chemistry and is ranked among the leading research institutions, you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities. You will share the department's intense research activities with our graduate students and gain extensive research experience. You may, like many Clarkson Chemistry majors, actually develop research interests that are published and shared with the international Chemistry community.

The American Chemical Society
— Clarkson has been selected by the American Chemical Society to have a student chapter. You will have an opportunity to get together with your classmates in a variety of social and academic settings, to take numerous field trips, attend specially arranged seminars, and get involved in Chemistry as a profession.

Summer Research Opportunities
— Chemistry majors at Clarkson have the opportunity to receive grants from Clarkson or the National Science Foundation to pursue work with a professor throughout the summer months. This opportunity broadens your exposure to the sciences and increases your opportunities for success in the future.