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Clarkson students know how to be entrepreneurs because they actually develop and operate real businesses. We know that the best way for our students to learn how to launch and manage a successful business is by actually doing it. From the moment you step foot on the Clarkson campus, you will be challenged to use creative and integrative thinking, work within teams, launch new ventures, and develop the flexible skills necessary for later success in a global marketplace.

As a first-year student you are enrolled in a two-semester course in which you must work as part of a team developing and managing an actual small business. You will learn about marketing, operations, human resources, accounting and technology.  You will present a business plan to venture capitalists and investors and have the opportunity to secure funding for your venture.  During the second semester, the class runs the business and, at the end of the year, donates profits back to the community.  Students develop valuable business skills and move on to the second year with a shared business context, so courses such as Accounting and Organizational Behavior make a lot of sense.

Graduate School
A concentration in Innovation & New Venture Management develops professionals who understand the development and management of innovation in terms of both market-driven and technology-driven new products.  Students learn to research the needs and wants of end-users for innovation, and to understand the role of information technology in innovative business models that are emerging in the digital economy.

It is this kind of comprehensiveness that makes our programs among the best in the nation.  Entrepreneurship magazine consistently has named Clarkson's entrepreneurship programs as one of the top U.S. programs.

Defy Convention.  At Clarkson, we educate and develop graduates who can meet the challenges of today's complex global world.  We encourage students to push the limits of what is known to develop fresh solutions to real-world challenges.

Results: For more than 100 years, our graduates have achieved extraordinary professional success.

Need Real Proof?  One in seven alumni is already the CEO, president or VP of a company.