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Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management
  • Significance and the Complexity of Global Supply Chain Management
  • Conflicting Objectives in the Supply Chain
  • "Best in Class" in Supply Chain Management
  • Typical Dilemmas Faced by Supply Chain Professionals
  • Principles of Supply Chain Management
  • Current Challenges Facing Supply Chain Managers 
 Measuring the Supply Chain Financial Performance
  • Financial Performance and Value Drivers
  • Linking Supply Chain Management and Financial Performance
  • Identifying Initiatives That Drive Financial Performance the Most
  • Financial Impact of Working Capital Reductions
  • Emerging Trends
 Inventory Management and Logistics Strategies
  • Role of Inventory in the Supply Chain
  • Inventory Models
  • Forecasting
  • Design for Supply Chain
  • Strategic Positioning of Safety Stocks
  • The Bullwhip Effect
  • Capacity Utilization, Lead Times, and Variablilty Trade-Offs
  • Emerging Trends
 Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Integration
  • Strategic Sourcing Process
  • Sourcing Strategy: Kraljic's Supply Matrix
  • Integrated Supply Management
  • Outsourcing Benefits and Risks
  • Sourcing Strategy and Product Life Cycle
  • Global Sourcing
  • Recent Onshoring/Reshoring Trends
  • Components of Supply Chain Management Costs
  • Major Challenges in Supply Chain Integration and Possible Solutions
  • Emerging Trends
 Coping with Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Supply Chain Risks
  • Assessment of Supply Chain Vulnerability
  • Mitigation Strategies and Contingency Planning
  • Building a Resilient Supply Chain
  • Application of Managing Disruptions
  • Emerging Trends
 Mitigating Risk Through Contracting
  • Overview of Contracting Mechanisms
  • Improving Supply Chain Performance Through Contracting
  • Aligning the Incentives of the Supply Chain Partners
  • Practical Examples and Major Takeaways
  • Emerging Trends
 Creating and Claiming Value in Supply Chain Negotiations
  • Understanding Power and Social Capital in Supply Chain Relationships
  • Leveraging the Human Dimensions of Supply Chains:  Perception, Influence, and Behavior
  • Hands-on Supply Chain Negotiation Exercise
  • Tangible Takeaways:  Tools for Effective Negotiations
 Disruptive Technologies in the Supply Chain
  • Big Data Analytics: Changing How We Use Data
  • The Internet of Things: Changing Where Data Comes From
  • 3D/Additive Printing: Changing How We Build
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Changing How We Move
  • Key Lessons & Emerging Trends
 Aligning Supply Chain Management with Corporate Strategy
  • Linking Supply Chain Strategies to Corporate Strategies
  • Supply Chain Management/Strategy Alignment Outcomes
  • Integrating Lessons Learned
  • Emerging Trends
"The content and quality of the presentations made the seminar extremely beneficial."
— Herman Kelly, Senior Quality Manager
Dell Computer Corporation
"Useful for anyone in Supply Chain, regardless of experience. Balances fundamentals and advanced applications."
 Joe St Amant, Manager, Supply Chain Solutions Practice
"Good to learn current trends and future direction of the industry. I had never heard of Clarkson before this seminar, and was surprised at the quality of the program ."
 Carsten Mitchell, Manager, Logistics & Production Planning Specialist
Toyota Industrial

"Best group of professors I have ever worked with."
  Zack Townsend, Transportation Analyst
Corning Incorporated