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Alan Bowman

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Professor and Interim Dean, School of Management
Capital Region Campus

Phone: 518-631-9887

PhD, Cornell University, 1990
MS, Cornell University, 1989
MBA, Arizona State University, 1986
BS, Arizona State University, 1980

Recent Publications:

Ashman, Thomas, Bowman, R. Alan, Lambrinos, James, “Inefficiencies in the NBA Betting Markets: The Surprising „Home Disadvantage Situation‟”, To Appear in the Journal of Sports Economics.

Bowman, R. Alan, “Efficient Gradient-Based Tolerance Optimization Using Monte Carlo Simulation,” Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Volume 131(3), 2009.

Bowman, R. Alan, “Efficient Sensitivity Analysis of PERT Network Performance Measures to Significant Changes in Activity Time Parameters,” Journal of the Operational Research Society, Volume 58(10), 2007.

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Bowman, Alan and Schmee, Josef, “Estimating Sensitivity of Process Capability Modeled by a Transfer Function,” Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 36 Number 2, 2004. 

Bowman, R. Alan, “Sensitivity Curves for Effective Project Management,” Naval Research Logistics, Volume 50, 2003.

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Alan Bowman