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John Huppertz

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Associate Professor and Chair, MBA Healthcare Management Program
Capital Region Campus

Phone: 518-631-9892
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Social Psychology, Syracuse University, 1978
M.A., Social Psychology, Syracuse University, 1976
B.A., English, Xavier University, 1973

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Huppertz, John W., and Peter Otto (2017), "Predicting Patient Satisfaction from Comments on Hospitals’ Social Media Pages: A Sentiment Analysis." Health Care Management Review, forthcoming.

Huppertz, John W., R. Alan Bowman, George Y. Bizer, Mandeep S. Sidhu, and Colleen McVeigh (2016), “Hospital Advertising, Competition, and HCAHPS: Does It Pay to Advertise?” Health Services Research, forthcoming.

Darivemula, Shilpa, John W. Huppertz, and Elena Rosenbaum (2016). “Decreasing Wait Times in a Family Medicine Clinic – A Creative Approach.”Family Doctor: Journal of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians, 5 (1), 35-39.

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John Huppertz