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Weiling Ke

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Operations & Information Systems

BH Snell 374
Clarkson University
PO Box 5765
Potsdam, NY 13699-5765

Phone: 315-268-6459

Ph.D. , The National University of Singapore

Research/Teaching Interests
Inter-organizational Knowledge Sharing, ERP Implementation, and e-government development. Teaching includes courses in the areas of management information systems.

Courses Taught
    * IS312 — Business Data Communications and Networking
    * IS414 — Database Management

Recent Publications:

Liu, H., Ke, W., Wei, K.K., & Hua, D. (conditionally accepted) The Impact of IT Capabilities on Firm Performance, Decision Support Systems. 

Ke, W., Tan, C.H., Sia, C.L., & Wei, K.K. (forthcoming) Inducing Intrinsic Motivation to Explore the Enterprise System: The Supremacy of Organizational Levers, Journal of Management Information Systems.

Liu, H., Ke, W., Wei, K.K., & Hua, D. (forthcoming) Effects of Supply Chain Integration and Market Orientation on Firm Performance: Evidence from China, International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

Ke, W., & Zhang, P., (2011) The effects of empowerment on performance in Open Source software projects,  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 58, 2, 334-346.

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Ke, W., Liu, H., Wei, K. K., Gu, J., & Chen, H. (2009) How Do Mediated and Non-mediated Power Affect Supply Chain Management System Adoption? The Mediating Effects of Trust and Institutional Pressures. Decision Support Systems, 46, 839-851.

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