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Stephen Sauer

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Stephen Sauer

Associate Professor
Consumer & Organizational Studies
331 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Clarkson University
PO Box 5790
Potsdam, NY 13699-5790

Phone: 315-268-6457

Ph.D., Cornell University

Curriculum Vita

Leadership and Teams, Leader Attributes and Assessment, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team Processes, Perspectives on Status and Power

Organizational Behavior, Negotiations, Managing and Leading Organizations, Leadership in Teams, Foundations of Leadership, Executive Education

Courses Taught

    * OS 602 - Foundations of Leadership and Organizational Behavior    
    * OS 603 - Leadership Organizations
    * OS 608 - Organizational Behavior and Performance Management
    * OS 666 - Negotiations and Relationship Management

    * OS286 - Organizational Behavior
    * OS 466 - Negotiations and Relationship Management
    * SB 570 - Organizational Behavior

Recent Publications:

Proell, C.A., Sauer, S.J., and Rodgers, M.S., (2014). Credit where credit is due: a field survey of the interactive effects of credit expectations and leader¹s credit allocation on employee turnover.Human Resource Management.

Yong, K., Sauer, S.J., and Mannix, E.A., (2014). Conflict and creativity in interdisciplinary teams. Small Group Research. 45(3), 266-289.

Spataro, S.E., Pettit, N.C., Sauer, S.J., and Lount, R.B. (2014). Interactions among Same-Status Peers: Effects of Behavioral Style and Status Level. Small Group Research, 45(3), 314-336.

Rodgers, M.S., Sauer, S.J., and Proell, C.A. (2013). The lion's share: The impact of credit expectations and credit allocations on commitment to leaders. Leadership Quarterly, 24(1):80­93

Sauer, S.J., Desmond, S.A., and Heintzelman, M.D., (2013). Beyond the playing field: the role of athletic participation in early career success. Personnel Review, 42(6)

Sauer, S.J. (2012). Why Bossy Is Better for Rookie Managers. Harvard Business Review, May, 2012: 30

Sauer, S.J. (2011). Taking the reins: The effects of new leader status and leadership style on team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3): 574-587

Proell, C.A., and Sauer, S.J. (2011). Stock options: The debilitating effects of autonomy and choice on self-perceptions of power. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 23(3): 82-102

Sauer, S.J., Thomas-Hunt, M.C., and Morris, P.A. (2010). Too good to be true? The unintended signaling effects of educational prestige on external expectations of team performance.Organization Science, 21 (5): 1108-1120

Cabrera, S.F., Sauer, S.J., and Thomas-Hunt, M.C. (2009). The evolving manager stereotype: The effects of industry gender-typing on performance expectations for leaders and their teams.Psychology of Women Quarterly, 33 (4): 419-428