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Michael Wasserman

In this Section
Associate Professor
Consumer/Organizational Studies
367 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Clarkson University
PO Box 5765
Potsdam, NY 13699-5765

Phone: 315-268-7719

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Research/Teaching Interests
Current research and teaching interests focus on the strategic relationships among information technology, human capital and organizational performance. Specific projects include innovation in non-profit organizations, environmental supply chain strategies, e-learning effectiveness, and exploring sources and impacts of entrepreneurial passion.

Courses Taught
OS432 - Organizational Policy and Strategy
OS610/611 - Strategic Management
Recent Publications

Beekman, A., Steiner, S., & Wasserman, M.E. (in press).  Where innovation does a world of good: Entrepreneurial orientation and innovative outcomes in nonprofit organizations. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability.

Orvis, K.A., Brusso, R.C., Wasserman, M.E and Fisher, S.L. (2011).  E-Nabled for E-Learning? The moderating role of personality in determining the optimal degree of learner control in an e-learning environment. Human Performance, 24(1), pp. 60-78.

Fisher, S.L., Wasserman, M.E., & Orvis, K.A. (2010). Trainee reactions to learner control features: An important link in the e-learning equation. International Journal of Training and Development, 14(3), pp. 198-208.

Pagell, M., Wu, Z, & Wasserman, M.E. (2010). Thinking differently about purchasing portfolios: An assessment of sustainable sourcing. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 46(1), pp. 57-73.

Orvis, K., Fisher, S.L., & Wasserman, M.E. (2009). Power to the people: Using learner control to improve trainee reactions and learning in web-based instructional environments.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 94(4), pp. 960-971.

Fisher, S.L., Wasserman, M.E., Wolf, P.P., & Wears, K.H. (2008). Human resource issues in outsourcing: Integrating research and practice.  Human Resource Management, 47(3), pp. 501-523.

Sill, H.E., Fisher, S.L., & Wasserman, M.E. (2008). Consumer reactions to potential intrusiveness and benefits of RFID. International Journal of Information Technology Management, 7(1), pp. 76-97.

Fisher, S.L., Wasserman, M.E., & Palthe J. (2007) . Management practices for on-site consultants: Lessons learned from the expatriate experience. Consulting Psychology Journal. 59(1), pp. 17-29.

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