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BS in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

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Major advantage: integrates technology, management and operations

Data management is essential to running a successful business in the 21st century.  Every single business process can now be mapped and analyzed by data management software to optimize business practices and solve the most complex business problems. These information systems require information architects with a solid background in both business processes and IT.

Clarkson’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics major will give you both ... and more.

Why Clarkson?
Clarkson University is a technologically driven university that nationally ranked programs in engineering.

At the School of Business, we leverage Clarkson’s  considerable strengths in software and systems engineering to immerse our students in the technology that powers modern business. You will not only learn how to use popular platforms like SAP, .Net, Oracle and Web-based applications, but you will design and build your own business management systems from scratch.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics majors capitalize on the strengths of the School of Business as well. Our global supply chain management program is ranked #14 in the nation, and our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics students have unmatched opportunities to work with supply chain management systems and models. To round out their global perspective, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics students are also trained in every aspect of IT outsourcing, from project management to bridging international and organizational cultures.

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Industry Outlook and Careers

Simply put, there is no other job sector in America that is set to grow as explosively as systems engineers and analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the market for network systems analysts will grow by an astounding 95.6% over the period from 2008 to 2018. Network and database administrators will grow by 71.7% and 57.3% respectively over the same decade.

The Business Intelligence and Data Analytics major at Clarkson is your ticket to a rewarding and highly lucrative career in any number of critical business roles:

• database design
• information analysis
• supply chain system design and management
• IT outsourcing management
• enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultant
• chief information officer