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Minor in Economics

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Clarkson University offers a  Minor in Economics, a field that allows students to understand how and why economic forces affect and shape the society and the world we live in. The Minor in Economics is:

·     Open to all students in all majors, this minor proves useful for engineers, science and business majors


·     Allows students to develop an understanding of markets and the central role that economic incentives play within and outside firms


·     Designed to give students the basic tools and analytical background in economic analysis

The Minor in Economics consists of 18 credit hours of economic courses as follows: 

Required (9 credits)


1. Principles of Microeconomics (EC150, EC350, or equivalent)


2. Principles of Macroeconomics (EC151 or equivalent)


3. Econometrics and Business Statistics (EC311 or equivalent)


Electives (9 credit hours)


Three (3) 300- or 400-level EC designated courses

For more information contact Sandy Zuhlsdorf in the School of Business Support Center at or 315-268-3906.