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Minor in Quality-Based Project Management

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Clarkson University offers a Minor in Quality-Based Project Management, a field that entails managing people, resources, and budgets to ensure projects are completed on-time, on-budget, and within performance. The minor is: 

  • Open to all students in all majors and is useful for engineers, science and business majors
  • An opportunity for students to pursue certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI), a great resume item and source of value recognized by employers
  • An opportunity for certain students to sit for the American Society for Quality’s “Certified Quality Improvement Associate” exam

To earn a Minor in Quality-Based Project Management, students must maintain a 2.0 average in the five (5) three-credit courses, distributed in the following fashion:

A. Both of these courses:

  • OM/EM380 Project Management (Prerequisite: statistics course)
  • OM/EM451 Quality Management and Lean Enterprise (Prerequisite: statistics)

B. One of these courses:

  • OM/EM484 Advanced Project Management (Prerequisite: OM/EM380)
  • EM482 Systems Engineering and Management (Prerequisite: senior standing and engineering major)

C. Two Elective Courses (Choose any pair):

Option 1:

  • OS/EM286 Organizational Behavior (Prerequisite: sophomore standing)
  • OS352 Strategic Human Resource Management  (Prerequisite: OS/EM286)

Option 2:

  • OS/EM286 Organizational Behavior (Prerequisite: sophomore standing)
  • OS466 Negotiations and Relationship Management (Prerequisite: OS/EM286)

Option 3:

  • OM/EM331 Operations & Supply Chain Management (Pre/Coreq: IS211 or IS200; Prereq: statistics)
  • OM/EM476 Management of Technology (Prerequisite: OM/EM331) 
    OR EM482* 
    OR EM/OM484*
    *whichever is not selected in Section B above  

For more information contact Sandy Zuhlsdorf in the School of Business Student Support Center at or 315-268-3906.