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Clarkson University Professors Receive Honor from American Welding Society


Professors Daryush Aidun and Daniel Valentine and Ph.D. alumnus Alireza Bahrami of Clarkson University receive the McKay-Helm Award from the American Welding Society (AWS) for their research paper “Interaction of Gravity Forces in Spot GTA Weld Pool.” From left: Valentine, Bahrami, Aidun, and AWS President David J. Landon during the AWS award luncheon in Chicago during the month of November.

Clarkson University Professors Daryush K. Aidun and Daniel T. Valentine and mechanical engineering Ph.D. alumnus Alireza Bahrami '14 received the McKay-Helm Award from the American Welding Society (AWS) for their research paper “Interaction of Gravity Forces in Spot GTA Weld Pool.” The paper was part of Bahrami’s Ph.D. thesis. The awards were presented during the AWS award luncheon held in Chicago during the month of November. 

Bahrami, a former student of Aidun, is currently employed as a research and development engineer at the Fulton Companies in Pulaski, N.Y. Aidun, who was the chair of the Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) Department for ten years, is currently a professor of materials science & engineering at Clarkson. Valentine is the current chair of the MAE Department in addition to serving as affiliate director of the Clarkson Space Grant Program, which is part of the New York NASA Space Grant Consortium.

The award is presented for the best contribution to the advancement of knowledge relative to the welding of low alloy steels, stainless steels, or the application of surfacing weld metals as represented in articles published in the Research Supplement of the Welding Journal during the previous calendar year.

“Clarkson is the only active university in New York State that teaches and does research in welding metallurgy,” says Aidun. "The University is well-known in the area of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer in a weld pool of similar and dissimilar welds.” 

In 1994, Aidun with two of his former graduate students, Steve Zanon and Dave Williams, designed and built the first Multi Gravity Research Welding System (MGRWS) in work dedicated to investigating the welding and casting in a simulated high “g” environment.

“Clarkson is the only place with such equipment,” says Aidun. “This allows us to investigate the effects of high 'g' conditions and learn fundamentals, so we can improve the quality of the weld.”

Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation and the MGRWS facility, Aidun and his students can explore how various metals react when welding takes place under different conditions. The quality of a weld is crucial, Aidun emphasizes, particularly on critical structures used in aircraft and nuclear power plants where even a tiny error can lead to disaster. Aidun has earned numerous citations from the AWS for his work. He expressed thanks to all of his former graduate students, especially Alireza Bahrami, and his current Ph.D. students, Hamid Eisazadeh and Fatemeh Hejripour.

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