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CAMP Director S.V. Babu is Honored with a Visiting Professorship..

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This program has been facilitated by Dr. David Huang, R&D Director of Praxair. Professor Babu is an expert in the field of Chemical- Mechanical Planarization (CMP) with many patents and inventions.  As a part of his Visiting Professorship, Babu will also give several lectures on "Development of planarizing slurries with Silica Abrasives" emphasizing the function of each component in the slurry and the interaction between components.

Babu also visited Nanjing University as well as Western Digital outside Bangkok and presented a tutorial on "Lapping and Polishing," along with members of a team from St. Gobain who sponsored the Bangkok visit.

 CAMP Annual Technical Meeting


CAMP's Annual Technical Meeting will be held May 19 -21, 2010, at the Canandaigua Inn on the Lake in Canandaigua, New York.  The objective of this meeting is to provide a forum for an exchange of ideas and information between university and industry researchers involved in fine particle processing and nanotechnology and related colloid and surface aspects as well as applications.  Presentations by faculty, industrial scientists and engineers will highlight this meeting, which also includes a poster session on CAMP research.  The keynote speakers are Dr. Robert Finocchiaro, Technical Director of Corporate Research & Development Services, 3M and Dr. Volker Schaedler, Director of BASF Innovation and Technology, North America.  

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CAMP Professors are Partners in General Electric Co. Award by NYERDA  Continued from page1          

The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BESTTM) is an industry-focused coalition working to further the development and manufacture of an advanced battery and energy storage sector in New York State by capitalizing on New York's existing broad base of energy storage companies and research centers. Funding will support projects in two categories:  Industry-led near-term commercialization partnerships and Technology development.

General Electric Co. (Schenectady) is developing improvements to its sodium metal halide batteries for use in a new generation of cleaner locomotives and stationary applications to smooth intermittent renewable power generation as it interconnects with the grid and critical load back-up power and other applications.  NYSERDA awarded funding of $2.5 million for this $5 million project. Two Professors from CAMP/Clarkson University will participate in the General Electric Company program.  Dr. Dan Goia will study particle morphologies and granule preparation techniques for electrodes, and Dr. Dipankar Roy will investigate various effects of electrode and electrolyte compositions on battery performance. Each of these Professors of CAMP will be receiving a contract in the amount of about $300 K to support their research. As a member of NY-BESTTM, CAMP/Clarkson University looks forward to these  projects as well as to other collaborations in future energy work.